It’s a known fact that the majority of people are stunted in their thinking and mindset because they cannot get their minds around the fact that the Apostle Paul –

:::::::::(I’m being *sarcastic*) ::::::::::::

a)  Never spoke to his kinsmen, the Jews in the flesh – he must’ve walked right past them and ignored them.  He didn’t love them.  Therefore Romans 9, 10 & 11 is our doctrine because it’s between Romans and Philemon – so if Paul said it, it’s for you, *you are grafted into the good Olive tree*, and you have to go to Hebrew doctrine to confirm it…….. what a farce.

b)  Paul never marked and avoided certain people because it’s considered unloving. (Wish I could play a little ditty tune here hehehe).

c)  Paul never called anyone a bad name like a back-biter or an heretick – you can’t go around calling someone an heretick for heaven’s sake – what will people *think of the Grace Movement*.   In other words, let them believe a lie, it’s easier on *the palate*, God won’t mind……

d)  Paul never handed anyone’s flesh over to the devil – what??  Are you cold and dysfunctional?  That is soooooo unchristianlike.  *Shakes head and runs off to gossip about the Apostle Paul’s unloving cruelty*  (like most Grace believers do).

e)  The Apostle Paul avoided the Apostle Peter when he was wrong, he didn’t like confrontation.  He was a powder puff sissy boy like most Grace Preachers today.

f)  Paul never named names – that is soooooooo uncouth.

g)  Paul never told anyone to behave themselves and to take the high road and suffer injustice – it would’ve been wrong for him to do so, one has to take one’s fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to task.  Revenge is the order of the day. *I ain’t gonna let anyone walk all over me jes because I’m a Christian*.

h)  The Apostle Paul copied Disney’s designs and put them on the cakes he designed to sell – in other words, he stole, he also took box cake and mixed it with pure butter and milk and eggs……. and called it the real deal  wink wink nudge nudge – that’s underhanded, but who cares, right?  It don’t matter.   Nor did he use people for his own personal gain – like their brainpower, money or social status.   *Aw who are you?  No-one respects you, you don’t matter*

i)  The Apostle Paul was tremendously popular – you couldn’t squeeze all the people into his church, which kind of was virtually splitting at the seams.  His reputation was at an all time high – that is why he had so many friends – one –  and still counting…. and it’s been almost 2000 years already……….  Perhaps someone should hand him the book, “How to win friend and influence people”, say what?

j)  You bible blend – take teachings out of Hebrews to Revelation, the synoptic gospels and Old Testament and apply it today other than trans-dispensational truths.  The Psalms are a good example.  No, God will not rescue you out of the valley of the shadow of death today and give you a boyfriend 😉  You acquire your own boyfriend on Facebook because he’s on your friends’ list.   Now how difficult can that be to comprehend?  And no……. James 2 ain’t no trans-dispensational truth, honey.

So then, who is YOUR apostle, huh?


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