According to Richard Jordan, the Apostle Paul suffered from a classic case of depression.  How does he go about making it stick?  By quoting the Apostle Paul’s persecution and suffering, the fact that Paul suffered for Christ’s sake.

According to the Shorewood Pentecostal Bible Church based in Chicago, Illinois, who also propagates the Pentecostal / Keswick theology of Brokennes, which is sneakily taken out of Israel’s Old Covenant and applied to the body of Christ, one should live one’s best life now after one’s initial brokenness, and do so by constant verbal confirmation and reminders to oneself of who one is in Christ – name it, claim it and frame it.  “I had a bad day, but such-and-such scripture made me FEEL good again”. The Cult of Personality majors on feelings.

I wouldn’t touch Richard Jordan and his sidekicks, Steve Atwood, Kevin Wooten  and Jerry Lockhart, et al with a theological ten foot pole with a theological Health Inspector on the other end.

To cut a long story short – read all about it here, and although it might shock you, try not to laugh at the total absurdity of it all :

As I stated numerous times before, depression isn’t only caused by circumstances, it can also be caused by a chemical imbalance (serotonin uptake problem) in one’s body.  Did Mister Jordan or should it be Doctor Jordan think of that?  Obviously not, he just jumped on that puppy and ran with it.  Talk about taking a narrow view of a complicated disease.

Depression that is caused by circumtances is mainly due to the fact that most people today cannot deal with the problems life throws at them – they want 21st century quick fixes as they do not want to go through the motions and deal with it, they all just want to pop a pill or pull a scripture out of a hat and apply it, preferably one that tells them God will cure their depression and make them happy once again, and viola!  Instant healing in an instant world which so happens to have instant coffee, instant noodles and instant TV dinners as well.  The only thing that they prefer not to make instant is salvation, they make it a process.

The Apostle Paul never suffered from depression.  He got annoyed, frustrated, he was passionate, angry yes – those are all normal human emotions, but to a Pentecostal Happy Clappy, Paul was a sad man because the closest they’ll get to feeling any passion is the shallowness they feel amidst the popping of the Prozac when they count how much money they’ve made from the collection plate at the end of each church service, or to those Jordanites on Facebook (the majority) – the closest thing to passion they’ll experience is by propagating Jordan’s through the Bible Course in 7 days / 7 hours / 7 years – take your pick.  Not sure which one it is, does it matter and do I really care?

It’s amazing how that when a person gets blown about by every wind of doctrine, how he/she gets progressively worse in his/her doctrinal beliefs.  One error progressively leads to another and another, and so forth, eventually these people are the furtherest from sound Mid-Acts theology ever – I can name two who I’ve recently noted who started off on shaky ground and just got progressively worse as the years went by – Martin Ran and Debbie Collins.  Martin is now a pagan and believes everything in the Bible is figurative, including the birth, death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  He equates the Son to the Sun – literally.   Debbie is now a full-blown Acts 28 Dispensationalist.  That’s where most Mid-Acts teachers take you unfortunately as what is seen as sound Mid-Acts doctrine is actually leavened with Acts 28 heresy, but most are blind to it.  They only see what they want to see, believe what they want to believe.  They live in fear of being alone and having no teacher to lean or rely on, so they’ll rather believe lies than stand for the truth.  Standing for truth is hard, it means you’ll be alone, it means you’ll be looked down upon, laughed at, pitied, scorned – and that doesn’t fit the thinking of the Grace Pentecostal Movement where popularity is the order of the day.

If you ain’t popular, honey, you’re toast.   It’s this fact that many cannot handle.

The more you dilute the truth, obviously the less it becomes.  It’s leaven (yeast), that grows, and eventually the whole lump is leavened – eventually the truth becomes non-existent, and you want to know how the falling away will come about?

One can take note of the ones who are on a theological downward spiral, and when they reach the culmination of where their itchy ears has led them, one shouldn’t at all be surprised when they take the final step into having their faith totally shipwrecked.  You can list them – the one’s who are forever running after a new thing (teaching), absorbing everything like a sponge, accepting everybody irrespective of what they teach and how they live.

A person’s outlook and attitude also counts a lot – when they cannot admit they’re wrong or own up to their pride, read : are full of themselves, and are dictated by their egos, it’s also a sign that they’re going to fall.   Pride comes before a fall.

Anyone with half a brain can see the absurdity of the article in question.  Not only did Paul suffer from depression (yes, God gave us a depressed Apostle – he even killed people of the Way before his conversion on the road to Damascus), but apparently Moses too, and come to think of it so did Job – man, Job must’ve been in the doldrums, it’s a wonder he didn’t slit his wrists.

Who takes the time and the effort to write such bologna?  If you have tattoos, you’re depressed, if you get angry – you’re depressed.

Okay, don’t be angry, don’t show any human emotion other than that of a one-dimensional happy clappy – otherwise you will be classified as suffering from depression.

So it’s my thinking that if the Apostle Paul is our pattern and he suffered from depression, we should to – so why does Richard Jordan say that God wants us to feel joy and happiness then?

Be a 21st century zombie who only experiences happiness and joy – all other emotions are prohibited at the risk of being labelled.

What can I say?


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