If 2 Corinthians 5:19 is God’s amnesty with regard to the world during this current dispensation of grace, then what is happening?

He isn’t currently pouring His wrath out on the world.

Peace isn’t war

and grace isn’t revenge and judgment.

You have a chance at salvation – the very reason why you were born into a sin cursed world where the whole of creation groans, and humans suffer.

Your sins currently aren’t being judged or being held against you,

but when the amnesty period is over due to your death or this current dispensation coming to a close, you will experience God’s wrath either by way of entering the Tribulation or landing up in hell.


The dictionary definition of amnesty :

Amnesty sounds a little like “amnesia,” and that’s because in its more specific sense amnesty means “forgetting.” The government will essentially forget about whatever crime was committed, or whatever horrible things were said. As part of a truce, amnesty can be granted to opposition forces in civil disputes. Amnesty to illegal aliens means the government will deliberately overlook their illegal entry to the country. There can also be a period of amnesty when people can turn in something that they would otherwise get in trouble for. “The city offered a period of amnesty for everyone to turn in illegal guns.””

During this amnesty period God is offering His grace – all who choose to believe the Gospel, will have made good use of this amnesty period, all those who didn’t will be punished accordingly.

The good news is that God is currently reconciling the world unto Himself by way of the word of reconcilation,the Grace Gospel and what is required is one’s faith (in the good news of Christ’s finished work on the Cross at Calvary).


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