Isn’t it par for the course that when you question, hold up to the light and reveal apostate, unorthodox Pauline teachings how someone will try and veer you off course or try and divert your attention.

It all becomes about them as you start warring against them instead of fighting the good fight.

Even more strange is how some elect themselves to be your guide, your pop psychologist or your “one and only friend” that they (unlike anyone else) can “see through you”, that you’re sorely “lacking” in something.  Crazy stuff.

They know “exactly what your problem is”.  They go on to profess to know everything about you, but have never met you, or ever took the time to get to know you, in short :  they don’t know anything about you apart from having liaised with you sporadically over Facebook and what some have said about you.

After having compartqmentalised you or put you in a box and labeled you, their expectations are for you to redeem your time in licking your wounds, having a pity party or just giving up.

What is totally gobsmacking is how certain people take their personal circumstances, their unhappiness, their fears, disappointments and issues and try and place them squarely onto your shoulders.   Read :  If my life is like this, yours must be like that too.  This is why they profess to “know so much about you”, you are them (in their eyes).

That is downright scary, and the very reason I do not talk much about my personal life, and the other reason is because it is what it says it is : Private.

I will not react to anyone’s deranged comments on this blog anymore – they will be spammed into “Neverland” where they will die, along with the warped, stilted viewpoints of their Overlords.

One reaches the point eventually where one gets tired of wading around the proverbial swamp with these types who don’t have the ability to discern their left eyes from their right eyes, not to mention sound Pauline truth as their motives are questionable and their main priority in life is self-glorification.

How does one deal with a person whose livelihood depends on the church he founded, who is too proud to say he is wrong because if he did, he’d lose half or more of his congregation?

How does one deal with a person who is bored, lonely and gullible, who thinks that contending for the faith is an “us and them” game which livens up her (bored, lonely) life?

You give them the benefit of the doubt and if all fails – you move on.



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