I know it will never be for us to endure or live through, as members of the Body of Christ, but I often wonder what life will be like during the tribulation.  One can only imagine, but one will never really get to know the true suffering, bravery or cruelty of a time like never before or a time that will never occur again as we have a tendency to see it with today’s closeted mindset where most people think God is currently pouring out His judgment on unrepentant sinners today.  All it takes is a tsunami, a hurricane, a volcanic eruption, a blizzard and most of denominationalism is comparing it to what Barack Obama did to Israel and saying it’s payback time.

Hurricane Katrina was supposed to be God’s judgment on America for various sins like homosexuality, total debauchery,or not blessing Israel, and they quote scripture out of the book of Revelation or the Old Testament (both of which aren’t applicable or in effect today) to prove their fallacy.

So if this is God’s judgment/wrath on mankind then, who is the Antichrist, I ask?  Barack Obama comes the reply.  Some people cannot count – Obama is in office for almost 8 long years.  The tribulation is 7 years long, and come to think of it we haven’t seen the 144 000 for dust, nor the two prophets being resurrected in the streets.  Nice try, but sorry, no cigar.

And the piece de resistance was the fallacy that Hurricane Katrina was God’ judgment on America for Gaza :

“Katrina is a consequence of the destruction of [Gaza’s] Gush Katif [slate of Jewish communities] with America’s urging and encouragement,” Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Lewin, executive director of the Rabbinic Congress for Peace, told WND. “The U.S. should have discouraged Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from implementing the Gaza evacuation rather than pushing for it and pressuring Israel into concessions.”

I actually once believed this bologna *cough cough*.

People do not know where they are in the Bible today, nor do they know what the Gospel is that saves their eternal souls.

Neither do people realise that Gentiles (dogs, unbelievers) in times past had to prostelyze to the Jewish faith or bless Israel in order to be saved, hence the reason they elect themselves to be Israel, or on the same level as Israel was in times past, and take all her God-given promises for themselves and very conveniently ignore the curses.

They fail to see that the Jews had to repent in Acts 2 for crucifying their Messiah and take Acts 2:38 to be the gospel for today.

When the Holy Spirit says, “O Israel”, “Judah”, or speaks to “the twelve tribes”, this is conveniently ignored and each and every verse of scripture is taken to be applicable today, irrespective of the progressive revelation contained in scripture.

Since these peoples’ lives do not remain on one spot, but are progressive, what makes them think God has remained on one spot and is in a time-warp because they cannot use their common sense and realise that today we don’t have to build an ark in order to please God, it is not our Good News, nor do we not have to eat of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,(yes, it isn’t our Good News), nor are we under ISRAEL’S Levitical and Mosaic Law today because God never made a Covenant with pagan Gentiles – ever.  Ephesians 2:12

Nor do they ever question the differences between Paul’s thirteen epistles and the rest of the Bible.  Rip Paul’s epistles out of the Book and the prophecy and doctrine flow freely and progressively without the “interruption” that the Apostle Paul’s doctrine obviously causes because it’s different to Israel’s doctrine.

Doesn’t anyone ever ask themselves why if Paul is the 13th Apostle, why are there only 12 seats, one for each Apostle in the New Jerusalem?   They have to wrest scripture at this point and say that Paul replaced Matthias, but nowhere in the Bible can this be confirmed, Matthias was chosen, and so was Paul.  Thirteen.  Deal with it.

So why Paul?  He was chosen to be the Chief Steward and Revelator of the mystery that was hid in God before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4), given an entirely new Gospel (1 Corinthians 15:1-4), as well as an entirely new set of doctrine once Israel and her prophetic programme was put in abeyance.

Aah……. they missed that one too because somehow when they’re not thinking they’re Israel, they’re thinking that current day Israel is God’s chosen nation.  Anyone ever taken note of Acts 28 and read what it really means?  Israel’s prophetic programme is progressively put in abeyance during the book of Acts and it is the bridge from law to grace, and most denominationalists take doctrine out of this book and make it their own.  Is it any wonder they’re so confused?  Most of denominational Christianity suffers from an identity crisis.

Things are moving and changing constantly in the book of Acts, and they put it all into a blender and choose “appropriate” scripture that looks good once they’ve blended it all together.

Oh no, it must be the Holy Spirit that gave them that particular verse……… the error they assign to the Holy Spirit is gobsmacking, not to mention that it’s blasphemous.  It’s total foolishness, especially in lieu of the fact that the Apostle Paul told us in 2 Timothy 2:15 to study to shew ourselves approved, workmen rightly dividing the word of truth.

Ephesians 1:13 tells us what the word of truth is and Galatians 2:7-9 confirms it.


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