I’m not sure why some say that the meaning of 2 Corinthians 5:19 renders Man saveable.

Why?  Wasn’t man rendered saveable in prior dispensations?

Is it because in our closed point of view we think not many people in times past got saved – well how about this current dispensation? How many people do you think are being saved today?

Take into consideration the Dark Ages, the apostasy after the Apostle Paul’s death where Pauline truth wasn’t recorded anywhere, instead we have the Church Fathers as being the mainstay of mainline Christianity.  How many people do you think got saved then?

How about today – the here and now?  How many people do you think are being saved since there are those who add to Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s cross?  Those that propagate Romans 10:9 as being part of the gospel, or those don’t even know what the gospel is that saves men’s souls, or those who state that men’s sins are automatically forgiven?  One error leads to another, and those that believe all men’s sins are automatically forgiven will soon believe that all men are automatically saved.  So how many do you think are being saved today in the year 2015?

Granted, there has always been a small group of Grace Believers who propagated  sound Pauline truth.   Keyword : small.

What people don’t realise is that in every dispensation God made a way for people to be rendered saveable – even Gentiles.  One of the main reasons why many Gentiles weren’t saved in times past however is because Israel (who was the light of the world) always gravitated towards rank apostasy

So what has God done for the lost during this current dispensation?

He provided the means by which they could be saved directly through faith without having to prostelyse to Israel.   He made a way whereby the whole world could be reconciled unto Him by way of believing the Gospel, where God was in Christ on Calvary’s cross, who died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day.

We possess His provision by faith.

God changed the way He dealt with people.  Whereas in times past people had to go through Israel in order to be accepted of God, they could now be saved by having faith in Christ’s finished work at Calvary – it is known as the Good News, the Word of Reconcilation, Paul’s gospel


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