There are a lot of deceivers on Facebook, both of the Right Division Camp, as well as in general.   I’ve been on Facebook since October 2007, and experience has shed light on the fact never to believe anything that is posted by anyone unless you know them in REAL LIFE – face-to-face, as the majority of people put forth an appearance of happiness, when in reality it should be noted as “happiness”.

You would think that since most are adults and can discern bull dust from honesty, that most wouldn’t be taken aback by nonsense.  But most people out there are simple minded and would believe anything they are told, especially if it comes wrapped up in charm.

Case in point and an excellent example :

Well-to-do family, parents are divorced, mother is re-married to a wealthy man, she’s a  music teacher, who teaches amongst other things, how to play the harp, lives by the sea, goes on road trips with her husband quite regularly.   Father is still single – a businessman.  From their marriage they produced two children – a boy and a girl who are now in their early and late twenties respectively.

They post “happy” pics quite often – of their road trips, weddings, births, dinners, lunches, etc.

No-one could/would ever tell that this family has secrets though and all is not as it seems.  Daughter is a drug addict and cannot hold down a job, son tried to commit suicide because his father is too harsh.  Daughter and father don’t get along at all.  Son cannot find a job and doesn’t want to study further either.

How do I know?  I know them in real life.


The people on Facebook seem to suffer from acute selective happiness syndrome where the “happy” parts are emphasised and the sad parts are totally ignored.  Isn’t that just par for the course of the society we live in?  Shallow, skin deep, stilted and just downright sad and one-dimensional.

Yet on the other hand you do get the Drama Queens who don’t hold back anything about their lives – these are normally young people whose emotions run riot and are looking for nothing but pity and someone to stroke their ruffled tail feathers.

If you are a very private person and do not willingly discuss your private life with anyone,  nor are you prone to posting those “happy” pics and selfies, then they consider you to be “Facebook unhappy”.    It’s a curse to be “Facebook unhappy” according to the boffins of “Facebook happy”.

If you’re a man, your wife has to appear in various poses with her mouth always wide open because that depicts her “happiness”.   I can’t think of anything more off-putting than seeing pics of a woman who constantly has her mouth open…………. somehow I personally think that it doesn’t come forward as  having a very high IQ………… and that’s putting it rather mildly.

If you’re a woman, oi vey – what can I say.  I’m a poet and I don’t know it.

The 1st Neanderthal commandment:

Thou shalt not be single and a woman at the same time as it’s a sin.

According to Neanderthal theology, “Singledom is for men and men alone”.  Even if you have a hobo for a husband who has no front teeth (or no teeth at all) and is jobless, carless (not Carlos), hasn’t showered in yonks, you’ve got it made, honey as you succeeded in obtaining a MAN. For what is a woman without a man? She is nothing, nada, niks.   According to some of them, you cannot even be saved because the Apostle Paul preached the gospel to brethren only – brethren meaning men only.  So whichever way you look at it – you’re toast.  Some men are just hopeless at hiding their misogyny.  Is it any wonder their wives look the way they do?

I laugh at the silliness of it all, honestly.  It’s like being back in nursery school.  Facebook reminds me of those putrid American soap operas – Days of our Lives?  As the wheel turns…………. be tuned in for the next episode of back-stabbing, gossip, murder, mayhem and fake happiness.  Or is it the Bold and the Beautiful where  no-one quite knows who the father of the babies is.  I know – complicated – and stupid.

If you ain’t “Facebook happy” – you are nothing, deary, you failed to make the “grade” and you’re rendered persona non-grata.  Off with your head.

The Mid-western man living in the Trailer Park, whose wife looks like a man in drag will come down harsh  (pun intended) on you as you’re a freak of nature.  No husband = no Facebook happiness.  Finis en klaar.  His Lordship has spoken.

………..But at the end of the day, one can fool some of the people some of the time, but one cannot fool all of the people all of the time with one’s “Facebook happiness”.

Makes me wonder who some people think they are actually fooling when they’re blatantly dishonest because they’re trying to prove a point.  It’s interesting to know what people believe and say, as well as the appearance they put forward – it says a lot about their character.

Do some get satisfaction out of conning people due to their blatant dishonesty?  Apparently, yes they do.

What they’re actually doing is fooling themselves, not everyone else.  That’s the SAD, LONELY truth of it all…..

As I was told many years ago – a lot of people are married, BUT – are they happily married?  Those years of marriage take their toll, especially if you’re at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Happy?  Well of course, don’t be silly – on Facebook anything is possible, dang.  If it ain’t happy, well we’ll jes make it happy then, no problem.

And that’s why I don’t really subscribe to Fakebook anymore because I’m way past the stage of believing in fairy tales and happy endings during our tenure on this earth.

The only happy ending are for those who are saved by faith in Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s cross alone, and the happy ending only comes after a lot of suffering.

Try and tell that to a Grace Denominationalist though, it’s like water off a duck’s back.

Makes me wonder, if some people are so happy, why do they indeed have to prove it to everyone?  I know, I have better things to do than impress all the idiots on Facebook (bar a few sincere friends) of my happiness.  Honestly, one can have one’s hair done, ride one’s motorbike, socialise without having to tell everyone on Fakebook about it.   Unless of course you have a point to prove.

What I can say though is that I’m a very stalkable person.  Currently I’ve had to block a certain man’s phone calls and spam his messages on my phone.  Thank goodness for Android technology – that’s all I can say, otherwise I’d have to change my number because he cannot take NO for an answer. I’ve got really annoyed and angry with this person – it doesn’t help.

I also have the boss giving me lechy eyed looks, but when all is said and done, I’d rather swim in nuclear waste…..  I’m fussy, what can I say?  And I’m also currently being stalked on Facebook and on this blog – you know who you are.   Makes me wonder, if I wasn’t born they wouldn’t have anyone to stalk.

True story – blondes have more fun 😉


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