Rule no. 1 : Don’t ever show as much as an iota of intelligence especially if you’re a woman.  It’s goes against the Neanderthals’ 2nd Commandment which is:

Thou shalt not be a clever woman, it damages Neanderthal’s ego.

Neanderthals need to look good all the time, and no two bitty woman is allowed to question their teachings.

Neanderthals seem to have many wives on Fakebook whom they love to teach.

Shut up woman and listen, don’t dare ask any questions, how darest thou question thou Facebook husband even when thou husband behaves like a jerk and cannot possibly love you as much as Christ loved the church.  (I guess this part doesn’t apply – but the aforementioned part does).

See, that’s where most men just don’t get it :  They expect their wives to be their slaves and walk behind them, not beside them and they don’t love their wives as much as Christ loves the church.

“Mildred, where’s my dinner?”  “Doris, have you fed the cat?”  “Vanessa, fetch me a beer in the fridge”.  “I can’t fix your car now, Susan, I’m tired”.    “What???  there’s no beer??  What did you do the entire day?”

Any man who doesn’t fend for me or treat me like gold isn’t worth my time period.

It seems all they want is subservient, dumb woman who stroke their egos, and who roll over and play dead.

I guess most of them have been suitably neutered at home, so they get onto Facebook and then proceed to control all the women on there instead.   Suddenly they are “King”, albeit from a distance.  Anything is better than nothing I suppose.

It’s easy to spot a neutered man.   He’s the one who takes all his frustrations out on only the women in the office or on Facebook – he never picks on men, and if there is a misunderstanding between him and another man, he apologises profusely.  Not so with any woman who he seems to hate with a passion.



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