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Sonship hereticks cover their tracks in that they say that if someone comes against them or ridicules them concerning their Sonship Curriculum Study, then they are to put it down to suffering because it is God’s will.  That in itself is the stuff Cults are made of.  The devil has covered all his bases in this regard, so any disagreement or rebuke to this heresy is conveniently pushed aside.

They look down on you and treat you just as Cults would treat a person once you have voiced your displeasure or disagreement. Sonship is what it’s all about, ladies and gentlemen, if you aren’t into working for your sanctification – you’re nothing in their eyes.

Yet sanctification is an element of salvation.  We received it the day we got saved, we now have to live sanctified lives in the flesh.  There’s difference between being sanctified in one’s spirit, and living a sanctified life in the flesh.  The outer should reflect the inner, and this is where spiritual maturity comes into effect.  The outerman should be controlled by the innerman.  It however has nothing to do with one’s salvation.

The part where Mike McDaniel of Millennium Bible Institute states that the Corinthians wanted no part in the suffering and didn’t want to listen to the Apostle Paul’s admonition is a blatant lie because 2 Corinthians 7:9 tells us they had a change of mind with respect to their wrongs.

“Even though we haven’t even come into a simple son understanding and we have already said, yes, and if we died – what will happen is that we will be ahead of 99.5% of all that have believed the gospel. Because 99.5% have never said yes to sonship”.

I wonder which thumb they sucked that out of?  See how exclusive these people profess to be?  Cult.  The fact that one says “yes” to Sonship covers you when you die – not the fact that you are saved.  Sonship takes precedence over one’s judicial standing as far as these people are concerned.

I always thought Adam was perfect, without sin (before eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil), so I’m not sure why God was going to teach him in producing godliness?  Are these people for real? :

“God was going to teach Adam in the knowledge of good and evil and that wisdom would have produced godliness”.

The devil competing with sound Pauline truth : He’ll tell you that what you have been taught sounds and looks almost the same than” the much better and improved programme”.  Talk about dangling that carrot in front of the donkey……… ouch!   If the grass is greener on the other side it can only mean one thing : that there’s more manure over there :

The competing wisdom will look very much like what the Father desires to teach us. It may be familiar because we have been taught that, but what the Father has for us has something more that that other thing does not have”.

Doesn’t the devil and his cults always have more to offer a person? In this scenario it is a “better inheritance” because you yourself work for your sanctification – it’s not what Christ did, it boils down to what you now can do.  Denominationalism always takes over somewhere along the line, they can never admit that Christ did it all.

Those who are never satisfied with the simple, basic truth, are always looking for something new.  When I first met De Trefethen shortly after being saved, she was always being blown about by every wind of doctrine, totally involved in the telling and hearing of new things, I guess she has finally found her niche….. but then, perhaps not, because when you are on a course always to find something new, your faith is eventually shipwrecked and you are left with nothing.   It’s the tragic tale of many – they take on and accept things the devil throws their way and cannot handle it over the long haul.  It becomes the proverbial noose around their necks.

Where does the preaching of Christ crucified and getting people saved feature in their curriculum?   It doesn’t look like it takes priority.  Anyone who wants to get closer to God other than being saved has a major spiritual problem – and that’s no laughing matter.

Can you imagine someone going around chanting “Abba, Father” because they think it brings them good things?  Where in Paul’s epistles does it state that we should be like Pentecostals and cry “Abba, Father” and it will bring us closer to God?  The only other person who cried “Abba, Father” was Jesus Christ and He is the only begotten Son of God.   In reality the reason why we cry “Abba, Father” is because we are saved and children of God – it shows our closeness and intimacy to the Father, like Christ.  But these hereticks turn it into a Pentecostal mantra whereby they can obtain certain things.

Sons – children – same thing.  Angels are also called sons of God because He created them.   We’re adopted because we weren’t initially created as sons of God, we become sons of God through faith in the Gospel, and He adopts us.  Our adoption still needs to be manifested though at a future allotted time.  And because we ARE His sons, we cry “Abba, Father”.  Like a child would call his father “daddy’.  It’s not rocket science.

Here it is in the very words of Mike McDaniel himself :

What you can expect from crying, Abba, Father, and keeping the course:

I will enjoy a level of intimacy with the Father that I have never experienced before.

My prayer life will change completely.

What we prayed before are not prayer issues, they are education issues.

Once we get educated by the curriculum we will know all about prayer.

We will learn what the Father thinks.

We will prove what is the Fathers will.

By the renewing of our mind we will prove God’s will, and in our liberty we will make decisions that will prove God’s will.

We will learn what choice out of many choices before us that will bring the Father the most pleasure.

That is proving the Fathers will.

God wants to treat us as sons not as children, but we in our ignorance have prayed as children, and it shows up in the way we have prayed.

The intimacy of fellowship in my prayer life will be so revved up that I will be talking to the Father all the time. Not about a persons health but about something better. Much better”.



  1. They also state that how we rightly divide and suffer during our tenure on this earth is a practice run for our role in heavenly places. In other words, it’s conditional. Yet Paul states in 1 Corinthians 6 that we will be judges of angels, as well as judges of the world (without exception), which is clearly a position of leadership, i.e., reigning – and he is telling it to the carnal Corinthians too.

    I guess when you want to create a new doctrine, the devil gives you exactly what you want but his fingerprints are all over it like splitting the body into two (two inheritances) and messing with your salvation (by stating you aren’t sanctified), then puts you into a works-based programme (like all the other religions) and has you working your tail off (like denominationalists). These are all hallmarks of devilish doctine. And he achieves it and gains followers by good words and fair speeches.

    The reason why we suffer is because we preach Christ crucified and get souls saved, and the reason why we ought to behave is because we are children of Almighty God, we aren’t of this world – so we should behave appropriately – behave the part.


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