The true gospel is a very rare thing…………. even in the Grace Movement

Let’s analyse the Good News for today as perceived by certain Right Dividers:

This Right Divider tells a dispensational Bible story from Genesis right through to Roman – Philemon.   Bold and underlining and my comments in brackets added for emphasis and explanation. Let’s see if this is actually the way one gets into heaven as purported by the author thereof:

Taken from:

“Explaining the Good News of SALVATION – How to go to Heaven

15 August 2014 at 02:51

Creation proves there is a Creator.
God Almighty exists.
Lucifer fell – rebellion.
Man was created.

Adam’s sin was purposeful and it affected this world and all of his offspring.
Every human is tainted – because we are Adam’s offspring.
(Me : Please note : no scripture is given by the author to confirm any of these claims).

God gave men a chance to prove they could redeem themselves and they never did (Israel and that program to reclaim God’s power on earth) – they did not, they cannot. God knew – He made the way. (Me : God actually elected a peculiar people, a nation to be the Light of the world – 1 Peter 2:9)

The Law came with blessings/curses and depended upon faith. (Faith in what/who? And what Law?)

Sacrifices were mandatory. (Me : What sacrifices?) Gentiles could ONLY be part of the coming earthly kingdom by being subservient to Israel. (Me : And believing in the God of Abraham and Israel).

Jesus Christ came on the scene. (Me : What scene?) He was rejected. Hated. Scorned. Mocked by most.

The nation was weeded out by those Jews who then professed the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and followed Him. (Me : ?)

By scripture, it was OBVIOUS who He was. They repented of their religious, man made xtra rules and traditions and followed Him. (Me : They actually repented that they had crucified Him).  Acts 2:38

A remnant was born (Me : Born? Really? How? Because that church already existed, just more were added to it) – the 12 thrones prophesied will be occupied IN THE FUTURE ON EARTH by the 12 Apostles. They were given power by the Holy Spirit to do miracles. (Me : What about speaking in other languages and prophesying too?) They were redeemed, yet not yet atoned. They could lose their standing toward the kingdom (Me :Truthfully, they could actually lose their salvation) (they were not “saved” in the way we think of that term today)

Paul is not one the 12. Matthias took the place of Judas.

After the stoning of Steven – as Jesus in His earthly body prophesied Israel was cut off (for a season). That program has not (at this time resumed, but it WILL)

Saul of Taursus was saved on the road to Damascus on his way to kill the Christians he hated so zealously.  (Me : And how was he saved?  What had changed? Chapter and verse, please).

He was personally taught by Christ in Christ’s RESURRECTED body the good news that saves any individual person today. (Me : And what is that Good News?)

Paul told us many times to follow him (Paul) as he (Paul) followed Christ – not as the man who was here for Israel’s redemption and atonement, but with information in the form of a mystery not known before. (Me : She means a whole new set of doctrine, including a new Gospel) You need to read Romans to Philemon to get your salvation understanding TODAY. (Me : Which is totally the wrong thing to say as not all of Romans of Philemon is written to us today as the Apostle Paul was speaking to mixed audiences during his pre-prison epistles)

None of us go under a covenant. (Me : And neither are any of us under a Covenant today….) None of us agree to blessings and cursings according to a law we declare we can keep. (Me : You wanna bet? Most of mainline denominationalism agrees to just that….)

We are not under Law, (Me : which law might that be, as we’re all definitely under the Law of the land today – speed and you’ll know what law we’re under) but under grace and the ONLY thing we need to do is truly BELIEVE on Christ’s provision for our sin debt. (Me : And what is Christ’s provision for our sin debt as opposed to Christ’s provision for Israel’s sin debt in times past?)

If we work for salvation – we don’t believe the gospel that salvation today is a COMPLETELY FREE GIFT and to be forgiven is to trust on Jesus Christ ALONE (absolutely nothing else) by faith. (Me :Trust Christ alone for what and according to what?)

You cannot mix gospels (Me : And what are the Gospels that one shouldn’t be mixing?) – because in doing so – you have no good news AT ALL.  (Me :So far you haven’t proclaimed what the Good News actually is – so I’m not sure what I should not be mixing or believing?)

The message that the mainstream xtian church (Me : What the heck is an “xtian church”? A new denomination?) and my culture believes is that to be a “good person” and to do MORE good than bad is what pleases God and gets you into Heaven. (Me : That’s not true, it’s not one’s culture that makes one believe that, it’s one’s religion and beliefs, not all cultures are the same)

They thank God for the free gift, but prove they don’t believe in this free gift by judging other’s salvation by WHAT THEY DO OR DO NOT DO. (Me :That’s also very true of Mid-Acts Dispensationalists who haven’t renewed their minds by the absorption of sound doctrine or who don’t have a sense of humour….)

They think “a real Christian never would ________” (Me : So do Mid-Acts Dispensationalists of the Berean persuasion for that matter, not to mention the self-elected joint-heirs with Christ…. try and misbehave and see what they think and say….. that you aren’t saved, without even looking at one’s salvation testimony…….  it all amounts to be religious)

No, sin is out of the picture (regarding salvation) for a saved person.
It’s not about doing.
(Me : Actually it is about doing because saved people should be zealous regarding good works…. so we should be doing good works…..)

There is a Godly way to live, but that is beyond salvation. 

Salvation is trusting that Jesus Christ took your sin upon Himself and that you are bound to Heavenly places because of that – not by ANYTHING AT ALL that you did, do or will do. – or by continuing in good behavior. (Me : Please note :  She states absolutely nothing about Christ’s death on the cross for those sins, nor His burial and neither His resurrection for our justification)

It’s a very simple message, and yet…(due to man’s pride) (Me : You call that a simple message?  You’ve given us a half-baked, scriptureless dispensational Bible story from the beginning to almost the end and you call it simple?  Somehow Sandra, you’re allergic to the REAL Good News that Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose from the dead on the 3rd day which reflects your very own pride, pride that has blinded you, pride that you won’t admit to having and if I say it because that’s what it actually is, I’m perceived to be unloving.  Go figure.  People have spoken to you on many occasion about your allergy to Paul’s my gospel but you refuse to hear).

…it’s harder to believe than it looks. (Me : or rather than it sounds?  You’re right, I would never believe that is the Good News, it’s all bad news in fact….. read it again, it’s religious porn masquerading as the gospel)

It’s important to check your heart and get solid scriptural definitions of words that get thrown around.  (Me : Check your heart or check the King James Bible?)

Sometimes church can be the WORST place to go. (Me : Is this the “xtian church” you’re talking about here?)

It can cement your thinking and brainwash you with wrong perceptions and ideas.  (Me: And most Grace Preachers also do that anyway, and most believe them…… anyway.  Satan is very active in the Grace Movement in case you haven’t realised it)

Study these things for yourself.
NOTHING is more important.
(Me : What’s more important is believing the Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 for a start…… then studying)

(this is a salvation message (Me : She means what she just wrote is “a” salvation message and not 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, when the Apostle Paul emphatically tells us in verse 1 –“……I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you……”)  not a few verses believed out of context, aka: 1 Cor 15:1-4 or 3-4)

Me : And there Ladies and Gentlemen, you have the Gospel according to the self-appointed Apostle, Sandra Archibald who subtly calls the Apostle Paul a liar because he didn’t mean what he said when he said “I declare unto you the gospel….” in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

If Grace believers cannot identify the gospel and instead go about making up their own Gospel,  you must know – the Grace Movement isn’t actually the Grace Movement anymore, it’s become a new denomination that preaches another gospel just like all the other denominations out there.

It’s all really very sad.


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