After being on the internet since 1996/97, I think I’ve reached saturation point.

It has taught me an invaluable lesson though.  Social networking, that is.

I wish I’d never taken the plunge and joined the like of Facebook and Twitter, amongst a whole array of other social networks.


Because it makes you become more introspective to the point where you only communicate with people online and tend to ignore people in real life (generally speaking).  Things have got so bad that instead of going up to a person at the office and speaking to them face-to-face, one is apt to pick up one’s cell phone and send them a message from Whatsapp.

We’ve become robots, out of touch with reality.  Everytime we need/want to talk to someone we go onto Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp and type away and insert little smileys – and of late it really has started to frustrate me.

I find my sarcasm will be taken the wrong way if I don’t insert a smiley face – which has really started boring me as well.

I’m so tired of looking at people through a computer or cell phone screen I feel I can scream.   Although there are days when I wonder and smile when I think if there was social networking, computers and cell phones in the Apostle Paul’s day.

The same goes for video conferencing and tele-conferencing.   My mind has a tendency to stray when watching a screen (monitor) or listening to someone on the phone.   These things just can’t replace face-to-face contact.

But if someone wishes to contact me, they can do so on this blog.


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