You know when you let emotions cloud your judgment and you don’t think straight and get a certain situation totally wrong?

Well, I just had an epiphany.

I feel like a weight has been removed from my shoulders.


Never under-estimate yourself, your strength, your principles and don’t let peoples’ lust for revenge get you down and strip you of your self-confidence.

Revenge comes with a built-in boomerang effect.   Whoever wants to take revenge on you – let them do it – since you cannot stop them.

Righteousness, a clear conscience and glorying God is what counts.

But what never ceases to truly amaze me is that people think that there are no consequences to their actions.

Once you get yourself into a thing because you want to take revenge on someone, you’re bound to be the victim.

This topic has nothing to do with members of the Grace Denominational Movement, but everything to do with a personal situation in my life.

I am free.

I thank God for opening my eyes to the word of truth rightly divided and that I am not the spiritual cripple I used to be – begging for His forgiveness, trying to be good by my own admonition, striving to please Him as an unsaved, religious person, and letting this world get me down because I felt I wasn’t good enough.

Onto another situation :

When you come across certain people, you realise it’s all about attitude and how you handle difficult situations – especially petty difficult situations and people :

Bumped into one yesterday, this poor man, was trying to salt his popcorn, and I was trying to get the salt & vinegar flavoured salt, so I had to stretch more or less over his popcorn to turn the containers around to see the labels, whereby he kept moving his popcorn away – afraid that my outstretched arm might contaminate his popcorn lol, I tried as hard as possible to not infringe on his popcorn’s right to space lol – the end result being that he bumped his own popcorn over and it went flying across the floor – he then let out a single syllable expletive (for everyone to hear), and I apologised, walked away and shook my head, and reminded myself that if I ever behaved that way, that someone deserved to smack me – hard.  It was downright embarrasing.  I felt embarassed on his part.

Now if he were a gentleman he would’ve held his popcorn in his hand and given me “right of way” and smiled, but of course, as usual – he would rather have let hell freeze over before doing that.

Ain’t that par for the course in most cases?


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