In other words, how is God getting men saved today?

By the provision He made almost 2000 years ago.

What is this provision? That He (God) was in Christ upon Calvary’s cross, i.e., His death for men’s sins, His burial and resurrection.  He provided a way out for all men, i.e., the world.

His death for our sins, His burial and resurrection, otherwise known as the Gospel of Christ, the Word of Reconciliation.

Is the reconciliation of all men to God automatic since Christ died for their sins?

No, it can only be received upon believing (it).

It is a gift, and a gift can be rejected, or it can be accepted (received).

Of course not many are reconciled to God (saved) as the “biblical default” shows that only 8 people were saved from the Great Flood, and only a Little Flock (a third of Israel) will be saved from the Tribulation.  Man has a tendency to try and please God by doing things his own way as we can see by what Cain did.

It’s the same today : Those who profess to follow Christ, believe in Him, love Him and attend church, but it’s not God’s plan and purpose for them today, it is not God’s plan and purpose for men to follow Christ according to His earthly ministry today.  It’s not what God planned or purposed for us today, yet that’s exactly what mainline, institutionalized Christianity is doing – in other words, they’re doing it their own way, just like Cain did.

God’s plan and purpose is for us to follow the ascended Christ according to the revelation of the mystery given to the Apostle Paul.



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