To make ALL men see?

I find it infinitely strange…….. but yet again……… I shouldn’t.    Some RDers, especially those of the “macho” variety think that homosexuality is different to any other sin out there because God says they have a reprobate mind in Romans 1:28.  So from their point of view – homosexuality is basically the unpardonable sin in this current dispensation of ………………… grace.

Having a reprobate mind means is that morally and spiritually, they are worthless – until they get saved, that is.

Why is it always those who cry and make such an issue of grace who are the biggest hypocrites?   If you can’t bring yourself to make all men see according to Ephesians 3:9 – what is the point of being a member of the body of Christ.  As I’ve said time and again – some are so shackled to this world that they cannot see past politicians, politics, mainline institutionalized christianity and social causes, to them being a good soldier of Jesus Christ is fighting the evil of this world with the same weapons and mindset of the world.

The only way one can fight the evil of this world is by making all men see, and so plucking them out of the clutches of hell.

It’s true, some just aren’t “eternity minded” – all they can see is the limitations of this world because that’s what their eyes are firmly set on, but then again, if you read and understand English the way you do because you haven’t dragged your mind out of the gutter of the world, you only have yourself to blame for being an ignoramus.

Small things attract small minds – hence the reason why they base their theories on incomplete Bible verses and they run with single verses like they’ve put them in a blender and then pluck them at out random and then proceed to build an entire theology on it, and more of the simple-minded come along and reinforce it, and when the thing has grown legs, it runs and spreads like wildfire – hence we have the situation that we have today : cry babies who aren’t throughly furnished in all good works.


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