Martin Richling claims to read the Bible 8 hours a day.  In reality it only proves that one can read one’s Bible for longer than that and still get it wrong as he does.  Who is Martin Richling trying to impress by stating such a thing? Probably the “sheep” in his “flock”.  Who else?

He also claims to be perfectly established in the faith and so refuses to be corrected.

Comments from a Cult Leader – hallmarks of a Cult :

“There’s no argument, it’s immutable, it’s not up for thinking, discussion, or interpretation!”  (Cult leaders don’t want anyone questioning them, nor their authority – what they say, goes period)

“Among the several doctrines that the unlearned, unstable fools take in, one of them is the doctrine regarding the deity of Jesus Christ.” (Makes one wonder if Mr Richling has elevated himself to god-like status instead as no-one is allowed to explain the scriptures to his new followers – it’s solely his job to do so)

“Christianity in their traditions say ‘Jesus Christ never had a beginning, he’s always been there’ – THAT’S A LIE! THAT’S A LIE!!” (Mr Richling saying God is a liar)

“You know, I don’t want the people in the world to get it, I want the church to get it.” (Obviously he doesn’t want anyone to know his “special” truth – only the minions who follow him)

“I’m established in the faith, …because I obeyed God’s establishment commandment.” (Anything but obeying the gospel….. strange how some people avoid the gospel at all costs – makes you wonder why…..)

Parts of a testimony from one of the people who attended Mr Richling’s “The Scriptures Alone Bible School” – Ri Konteski (the testimony is too long to post in its entirety).  I have emphasized the pertinent points :

He gave me the password to access the teachings on his website because they were private.

Later on I added him as a friend on Facebook, and he invited me to join his bible school, which is online, and to fellowship with other of his students on their private Facebook group.

He strongly demanded that people would listen to the lessons, read their bibles at least an hour a day in a certain way,  and would post the homework on the Facebook group,

I was faithfully reading the bible as I was told, listening to the lessons, and posting homework, and fellowshipping as it was expected of me. only later I learned that I was not allowed to have doubts or concerns about Martin Richling.

He claimed that he is perfectly established in the faith, and we ( the students) are not. 

he claimed that he is teaching bible correctly without a single error, and that he doesn’t sin anymore in his thoughts and members,  we have no room correcting and questioning him.

Weird things happened, almost every other day he would ask everyone in the group to prove their “faithfulness” to Christ ( To Martin)   We would be asked randomly to post a statement of faith, or to post something else that would state Yes, Im in, I follow Martin, he teaches correctly, and those that disagree are heretics!,

 If they didn’t read back Romans 16:25-27 to him when he asked them, how to be established in the faith, he also accused everybody of preaching a false gospel, who didn’t preach Romans chapter 3:24-26 exclusively as the gospel for this age.

and I learned that Martin Richling teaches that The Lord Jesus Christ was created, and He was created in Genesis chapter 1, where God said Let there be Light.

Later on it dawned on me, that Martin is teaching that Christ is manifesting himself in the flesh of Martin, (which at first I thought is good, and I wanted that too) but I discovered the agenda behind this teaching,  we all need to obey him and follow him, Christ in Martin that is, and therefore he is without error, and we do as he says, or else we are not obeying Christ. One word, creepy.

Makes one wonder what he teaches his followers since they still refer to believers or themselves as a “flock”, as in “lording it over the flock”.  Seriously?  One makes one’s own decisions, so if you allow this man to “lord it” over you – it’s something you’ll have to deal with over the long-term at the expense of your spiritual well-being.

It seems to me that Martin Richling is some Right Dividers “last pit stop” before they finally drive into the sink-hole and end their torture , especially after having had a string of heretical pastors and leaders whom they have religiously followed and relied upon for the truth, but yet couldn’t seem to get on the right path, even after following myriads of  pastors claiming to have uniquely found recently re-discovered “Pauline truths”.

Mr Richling did me a favour on Facebook once – he blocked me when I refuted his claim that Romans 3:24-26 was the Gospel, for that I have to sincerely thank him – he saved me a whole lot of time, effort and didn’t raise my blood pressure one iota 😉 and for that I am really grateful 😉



  1. Hi, I was referred to you by Roger ( Good that you’re reproving this guy. I’ve not looked into him – waste of time – but have heard enough from Roger and reading most of what you posted here to see his con. Glad you’re out!
    We were just discussing the analogy of the Tar Baby – remember that kids story. How Brer Rabbit gets trapped by Brer Fox with the Tar Baby? Getting free is one thing, but it takes a while to get the tar/pitch off! No matter the teaching, whether someone like this guy or christiandom, or ever fellow RD’ers there’s always something to be aware/alert to!
    You might enjoy a few of the shows I arranged regarding the deception that goes on and hatred, from those who profess being in Christ. This last show states, “They are IN Christ, but NOT OF HIM.” I think you’ll be able to relate w/ much of this! Roger has posted them on his FB page, but you can view them on my Utube channel: Designsbydianne.
    Thanks for sending out the warning!
    God’s Best! Dianne


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