The Gospel that some believe under the auspices of Right Division

Keith Blades in his book titled, “The Gospel of God’s Grace” :

Nowhere does he mention Christ crucified.  I looked through his book several times for the gospel, but couldn’t find it.  What he believes :

  1.  The sole issue of salvation is placing one’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.   (According to what?  You can believe in Christ, and so do the devils.  But you don’t believe in what He did for you, what He accomplished on Calvary’s cross).
  2. He believes that Romans 3:23-26 is the gospel, “believing in Jesus”.   (Denominationalism believes exactly that – they believe in Jesus).
  3. Having complete confidence or dependence upon Jesus Christ – faith in his blood.  (This is the closest he comes to mentioning Christ crucified).
  4. He says, “In truth, giving one’s life and heart to the Lord is an activity of service to the Lord”.  (Nowhere does the Apostle Paul say we must give our life and hearts to the Lord after being saved, he does however say that we need to renew our minds and live sober lives).
  5. He says repent means to change one’s thinking about how one stands in God’s sight, or how one thinks he can be saved.  (Repent actually means to turn from unbelief to believing the Gospel of Christ, i.e.,changing one’s mind from unbelief to belief upon hearing the Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4).
  6. He says trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, and so being justified by faith, God teaches us and exhorts us to make Jesus the Lord of our lives. (The Apostle Paul specifically states that it’s belief in Christ’s resurrection from the dead that justifies us in the eyes of God).
  7. Nowhere does Keith Blades mention that it’s belief in the finished work of Christ upon Calvary’s cross that saves men’s souls, he only mentions “having faith in the blood of Christ”.  (which is an incomplete gospel – acknowledgment and belief in the resurrection of Christ is very important).

Someone gave me this book when I was still a baby Christian and I read through it, but it didn’t sink in – I didn’t see then what I’m seeing now.

Keith Blades however emphasizes the fact that we are saved by believing in Christ without any works thrown into the salvation equation.   But to my mind one can believe in Jesus and also believe in once saved, always saved and it can mean nothing because one can believe in another Jesus – one who didn’t die for our sins, one who wasn’t buried and one who wasn’t raised from the dead on the third day – especially as he makes no mention of it.

It’s belief in Christ’s finished work on the Cross that is the Gospel, otherwise the Apostle Paul would have stated otherwise and not specified the three elements :  Christ’s death for our sins, His burial and resurrection on the third day.

Most of Christianity preach the cross, but not many preach Christ’s FINISHED work on cross.

Preaching His finished work on the cross means that He did it all – there is nothing we can do to save ourselves.

Failing to acknowledge Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s cross amounts to unbelief in the Gospel of Christ.   You don’t talk about it or you deny it because you don’t believe it.

Makes one hope that Mr Blades did initially believe the Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

Romans 4:25 Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.

Believing that Christ was buried proves that He died.   No burial = no death.


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