I am complete in Christ because :

I am saved, which means –

I am justified – declared holy or righteous in the eyes of God.   (Romans 4:25)


Because I have Christ’s imputed righteousness, I am no longer a sinner clothed in my own righteousness.  (Romans 4:22)

My spirit man is sanctified – set-apart, holy – saved.  (1 Corinthians 6:11)

I am reconciled to God because when He looks at me he no longer sees me, but sees Christ in me.  (2 Corinthians 5:18)

Do I still sin in the flesh?

Yes.   My flesh will never be renewed, but my mind can and will be and it will control my flesh   (Romans 7)

Unsaved, mainline denominationalists cannot discern between being justified freely by God’s grace and working to be justified in God’s eyes, nor can they discern between having Christ’s righteousness and not one’s own righteousness (Philippians 3:9), they also can’t discern between being sanctified in the spirit and being sanctified in one’s flesh, hence the reason why they not only work to obtain their salvation, they also continue to work in order to maintain their salvation (so-called).

They don’t believe that Christ did it all.

Salvation isn’t a process, you don’t receive 3/4 of it and work for the other 1/4 – that would mean that Christ’s work on Calvary’s cross isn’t complete.

Hence the reason why ALL religions out there, including mainline denominationalism work for their salvation – they don’t believe in Christ’s FINISHED work on Calvary’s cross.  And when you don’t believe what He did was complete, or you don’t believe at all what He did – it leaves you with no other option but to work for your salvation….

Because His work on Calvary’s cross is complete, so I am complete in Him.



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