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How does, or how should a saved member of the body of Christ behave, talk, think and believe? Can you behave anyway you want after being saved because you know you cannot lose your salvation? In Ephesians chapter 5 the Apostle Paul has this to say :

We are to be followers of God just as those who profess to be believers? No, we are to be followers of God as dear children of God. Walking circumspectly, not as fools, but wise.

And if you walk circumspectly, as a wise person, you will know that God’s wrath is brought upon those (the unsaved) who are whoremongers, unclean and covetous, who are idolaters – they covet everything except to obey God’s marching orders in this current dispensation – how He wants all men to be saved. Instead, they do it their way. One only has to look at mainline, institutionalized Christianity to know what I mean in this respect. They covet power, an inordinate number of worldly possessions and wealth, and they all point a finger and laugh at someone else’s 1979 Ford Pick-Up Truck. 😉  We can be so shallow…..

So then is it wise as a member of the body of Christ, a child of God to behave exactly like children of wrath? It’s either baby Christians or ungrateful members of the body of Christ who look, think and behave as children of wrath. They aren’t grateful for what God did for them – how that Christ died for their sins, was buried and rose again on the third day for their justification. They have absolutely no regard for the gift that was given to them by Almighty God.

Children of wrath are going to split hell wide open and there you are, a saved member of the body of Christ who the Apostle Paul refers to as a “dear child of God”, behaving and thinking and sometimes believing exactly as someone who is destined to hell for eternity.

The One New Man is to walk in love because God is a God of love, (and we are His children – like Father, like sons), if He wasn’t, you and me would still be children of wrath without any hope in this world and our eternal destiny would be the Lake of Fire, separated from Him for eternity.

God’s grace must show through us, but not at the expense of dumbing down His truth. We are His peculiar people in this current dispensation – to be apart from the world and its ways. “Be ye not conformed to this world”. We are set-apart for His use which is to preach the Gospel, make all men see what is the mystery that was hid in God before the foundation of the world, and to live righteous lives (be vessels of honour).

When the world looks at us they must know we are different and they will want to know why, but instead we behave just like them. But when one is different, looks different and speaks the truth (when you speak God’s truth – you are different), one is ridiculed – even by fellow members of the body of Christ.

We must put away fornication, uncleanness and covetousness, as well as filthiness, foolish talking and jesting. In other words, we mustn’t be corrupt – neither in our behaviour or our beliefs, nor should we have an inordinate craving for earthly wealth or possessions, not to mention power.

Uncleanness is being morally impure – and we all know what that means. Jesting is speaking carelessly, in a joking manner. Try and preach the gospel or telling someone the truth in a joking manner – do you thnk they’ll take you seriously. Truth be told, they’ll think you’re a first class idiot.

Putting away fornication, uncleanness and covetousness, as well as filthiness, foolish talking or jesting.   You’d be surprised (or probably not) at how much foolish talk takes place on forums…

Rather giving thanks – what are the chances of people out there being saved today and seeing the truth? So be thankful you have eternal hope, your destiny could easily have been one of eternal torment, separated from God.

Let no man deceive you with vain words – it’s because of deception that unsaved people will experience the wrath of God, they believe lies as opposed to the truth – and here you are as a saved member of the body of Christ who has the truth, but chose to listen to lies now you are deceived and deceiving others – like sinners who populate the pews of mainline denominationalism. A child of Almighty God behaving and believing just like a child of wrath.

That in a nutshell means you’re ungrateful as opposed to being thankful for what Christ did for you.

The Apostle Paul is specific when he says : Be not ye therefore partakers with them. And this is exactly what most do under the ruse of “getting people saved and coming to the knowledge of the truth” – the keywords being PARTAKERS WITH THEM. They drink with the unaved, the socialize with the unsaved, they lie and cheat just like them and the unsaved can’t see the difference.

Why shouldn’t we FELLOWSHIP with the unsaved?

Because you are a child of light and they are children of darkness.
The fruit of the Spirit is goodness, righteousness and truth. Everyone seems to forget that the fruit of the Spirit is also TRUTH, they latch onto goodness and righteousness but leave the truth behind.
Proving what is acceptable unto the world because you don’t want to be ridiculed, mocked, be put down, rejected or ignored? No, proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.

Walking circumspectly means being careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences, i.e., being prudent.
Having no FELLOWSHIP with the UNFRUITFUL WORKS OF DARKNESS – but rather reproving them.

It is even a shame speaking about those things that are done in secret.
All things that are reproved are made manifest in the light – which means when you reprove sin/wrongdoing – you reveal it for what it is, hence the reason why most don’t want to be reproved. They don’t want to be told they’re wrong, they don’t want to know they’re on their way to hell.

Redeeming the time because the days are evil. The days are evil because Satan is the god of this world and the majority of people are lost and hell-bound, there is so much strife, poverty, war, famine, drought, floods, earthquakes and vast numbers of people are dying as a result of same and land up in hell and there you are jesting about someone’s manner of dress because they dress modestly, the colour of their hair and you believe it’s fine behaving just like your unsaved neighbour, and it’s worth more to you who wins the next election, and not only that, you also believe everything you’re told by men who stand behind pulpits – it’s all about your nice life on this earth. No it isn’t. The Apostle Paul said you must redeem the time in order for people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth because tomorrow they could be dead, then it’s too late.

Be not drunk with wine – wherein excess…… remember, the Apostle Paul said a little wine is good for the stomach. A inebriated member of the body of Christ? Yes, if you’re conformed to the world but some of them prefer to call it their liberty in Christ.

Making melody in your hearts to the Lord. This is one thing where Right Dividers fall flat – we hardly have or encounter hymns that are in line with Grace doctrine – most of it is based upon Israel’s Kingdom Gospel. How many times have you rejoiced and sang along with a hymn only to stop midway because the lyrics come straight out of the Old Testament?

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…… most of us only give thanks to God for the good times and the good things, we never give thanks to Him when times are bad or when we’re being persecuted, belittled, or in dire straits.  Instead we mutter, moan, complain, whine and feel sorry for ourselves during bad times.

Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God….. that doesn’t mean I have to submit to you when you are wrong, it means you have to submit to those who are an ensample for sound doctrine and righteous living. I have to be selfless towards you as a brother or sister in Christ – because you are saved and a child of God too, but I don’t have to fellowship with you if you believe heresies, are a man pleaser or live an immoral life.  C


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