It’s no wonder some have to rely on some two-bit Mid-Acts preacher (who couldn’t preach himself out of a brown paper bag) to “enlighten” their, ever “enquiring, intelligent” minds.  “There’s no such thing as a stupid question” scenario.  Meanwhile……  back at the ranch there’s a million stupid questions – and they’ve asked them all, and their preachers entertain them regardless because it makes them feel wanted and/or important, because they don’t have the MINDS to work it out for themselves.

Low IQ.

I guess if I had to believe what every preacher preaches from the pulpit, I’d be the same.  Like the preacher who said there’s nothing new under the sun, meaning that Noah had a cell phone and modern technology while he was building the ark.   Do you think Noah broadcast the first weather report on television to warn everyone of the first rains?   And yeah, they swallowed it hook, line and sinker…

Perhaps he loaded all the bitumen to seal the ark with on his truck lol.  I wonder why it took him in excess of 100 years to build the ark though?   Perhaps his truck was tooooooo small.  Or I guess the pop riveting machine wasn’t working lol.  Yeah, the technology was so advanced in Noah’s time that they sealed the ark with bitumen and didn’t pop rivet it like the Titanic.  *Whistles and looks around*

Yep, these same people deny the saving power of the Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Acts 17:3, Acts 17:18, but yeah, that is of no consequence…… because it doesn’t make them look intelligent.  Going elsewhere and making up another gospel does the trick – otherwise known as private interpretation.  Private interpretation puffeth uppeth 😉

2 Timothy 2:15 wasn’t written to the unsaved person.  It was written to saved people.   Approved and saved aren’t the same things.  Tell an unsaved person to interpret 2 Timothy 2:15 and all you’ll get garbage.  They cannot discern scripture.

Call the English Professor who so happens to have a plaster on his head.  He’ll make it alrighty.

Romans 16:18 ~ For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Good words and fair speeches.  The simple-minded always have a knack of picking up on HOW something is said, rather than WHAT is being said.  When asked WHAT was being said, they will relate how rude and obnoxious the speaker was instead of the knowledge or information that he imparted.   Do I hear bleating?

21st Century man has the political correct mentality of a 10 year old, hence you have to speak to him like you would to a 10 year old.  I could never grasp that.  Whatever happened to adulthood?  Is it a shame to talk to someone like they’re an adult?  To treat them like an adult?  To have responsibilities like an adult?  Apparently not.

Some people even think that if they adhere to heretical studies and teachers that they are spiting you – just as children would do.  “I’m doing this to spite you….”  Some are simple-minded to the point of thinking that their elevated status depends on their positive marital status.  Now that one always gives me a good chuckle.  Funny how people have to make out how “happy and in love they are” – especially when they can’t argue doctrine with you………..  and therefore come to the conclusion :   “We win and you lose”.   Thankfully I gave up Grade School and Kindergarten quite some time ago and prefer to be the adult I am.

Why is it that when you argue doctrine with someone and they cannot win, they always, but always go into either their personal lives (as being elevated above yours), or your personal life (as being below theirs)?  I know why – because if they cannot win on doctrine, the cowardly way out is to knock on your person or personal life.   Makes one wonder how the Apostle Paul would have fared on Facebook if he were alive today.  I have a picture in my mind and it ain’t pretty.    They would’ve all aligned themselves with their “current flavour of the month” preacher and simply ignored the Apostle Paul – too single, too staid, knowledge puffs up (now there’s another one that gives me a good chuckle I hear it from some imbecile’s mouth because he/she is totally clueless as to what it means….)

One only has to read from Acts 9 onwards to see the picture of the jealousy the Apostle paul encountered just by preaching the Gospel, the vindictiveness he encountered from the religious establishment, the rottenness of his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who turned away from him.  Follow the Apostle Paul they say, but they can’t seem to get their right foot in front of their left foot to start off with….

When someone elevates their personal life to make you look bad – it means only one thing :  you’re dealing with a simple-minded human being who cannot grasp life beyond this planet, not to mention their true citizenship or status as members of the body of Christ because they’re too attached to this world.  Do I hear bleating?

I still find it totally astounding how many tell all and sundry that we do not follow Jesus according to His earthly ministry in Matthew, Mark, Luke & John and then come December they’re celebrating the so-called birth of Christ.  It’s a joke.  Some are more open and honest about it though, whilst others are incapable of practising what they preach – they have a tendency to hide the Baalbush and holly and gifts and celebrate it in private – like God is blind….

People don’t realise that it’s not you they’re spiting but themselves.  You can try and spite me, try to make me jealous – whatever.  It’s like water off a duck’s back and besides, I get to laugh at the total simple-mindedness of it all, not to mention the extremes they go to……… it’s all one big yawn.

Do you think I care if you’re married, single or divorced when I have eternity to look forward to?  Some people cannot see beyond this world, and that in itself says a lot about their mindset and what they believe.

Anyone who has to look forward to the next video of their chosen preacher to explain things to them because they cannot understand basic English and punctuation………… is simple-minded.  A sheep.  A follower of men.

What I find even more astounding is some Athenians calling others Athenians.    It’s a circus out there, something I definitely don’t want any part of.

Fortunately, I don’t bleat.  That means












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