Had the opportunity to speak to a denominationalist who follows Jesus according to His earthly ministry.   He was saying that he tries to follow Jesus, and to be like Him.  Ya, ya – same old story – heard it a thousand times before and it reeks of hypocrisy and self-righteousness.  Not one to date has ever succeeded in following Christ according to His earthly ministry – they all fail horribly.

I told him it’s not what I can do – it’s what Christ already did for me on Calvary’s Cross, so I cannot boast in my own good works (Ephesians 2:8-9) , especially trying to follow Christ according to His earthly ministry to Israel – where Acts 2:38 is believed and the entire scenario (their belief system) falls flat a few verses later in verse 45, not to mention a whole lot of other verses like Matthew 18:9 – why don’t any of them pluck out their eyes or chop off their hands?  Matthew 5:30.  Because they don’t take it literally – that’s when they conveniently start spiritualizing scripture.  Their number 1 rule is :  When scripture gets tough, spiritualize it.  That’s just so terribly weak…… and cowardly.  After all, if you are going to follow Christ according to His earthly ministry you have to do as He says, not so?  So why do they have both eyes and both hands still?

I told him we have no right claiming Israel’s covenant promises in her Torah (Old Testament) – God didn’t make those promises to pagan Gentile nations.  Those promises could only be claimed via Gentiles prostelyzing to the Jewish faith in times past and in a future time when they bless the true Israel or believe the Kingdom Gospel and in so doing will enter the Millennium Kingdom.

The self-righteousness is nothing short of breath-taking – I, I, I, I, I – what I can do, I’m so good, I’m trying to follow Jesus, I’m repenting of my sins (because I don’t believe that Christ died for them all and was the propitiation for my sins).  It’s downright sickening, especially when someone has to “prove” how good they are and the self-righteousness kicks in……………. I have to be honest –  it’s totally barfable.

I don’t think I was taken seriously though – probably seen as another fruitcake who has lost the plot.  People just don’t want to hear it because it sounds very good both to themselves and others when they talk about how THEY have changed and how good THEY have become……. and then fall flat every 5 seconds after having said that.  Talk about an emotional rollercoaster.  No thank you – been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Funny how Christian religiosity looks a lot like the New Age religion.  All about the self.  It sounds really good when one speaks good about God – that He created the birds and how He gave them really good vision – but when it comes to believing His plan and purpose for today they balk and cannot handle the truth.

Like the unsaved religious person who needs to be “cleansed” by her Pastor once a month?  Seriously?  That tells you exactly what you are dealing with – an unsaved person, and probably a Roman Catholic Lite.  She doesn’t take Jonah 1:17 literally either. “There isn’t a fish big enough to swallow a man” is her thesis on the matter.  Whatever.  It just confirms her unbelief.

It goes without saying that the NIV “Bible” is their final authority.  How can you preach to people and make them believe (make all men see – Ephesians 3:9) when their final authority is questionable?  It’s tough out there – Satan has all his bases covered, but one cannot give up at that thought – one has to keep on as one never knows who will believe the truth.



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