It goes without saying that when I sat in the pews of denominational churches, I didn’t have a clue what to believe for my salvation.  I thought going to church was enough to save my soul, yes I had reverence for God even then and yes I professed to believe His word, the Bible – any version that is, but particularly the NIV as it was the “easiest to understand”.  Bleh.    Most who sit in the pews of mainline, institutionalised denominationalism profess to believe the Bible, but when the truth (rightly divided) is pointed out to them they don’t believe it.  Most will even choose a Bible that backs up their heretical position.  Others will choose a Pastor to back up their belief in Ishtar, a fat man in a red suit, red hearts and roses and whatever else it is they believe that makes their flesh feel all soft and rosy around the edges.

I was raised to question authority, that’s why people today tell me I have no respect for authority – I question doctors, nurses, policemen, traffic cops, teachers, politicians, and yes – even then I used to question Satan’s ministers of righteousness who stood behind the pulpits.  Was  I popular?  No.  Was I ever popular?  No.  Do  I care?  No.  The truth is the truth, but most people take something to be true or the truth depending from which source it emanates, so if it comes out of the throat of a Rabbi or Pastor, they label it as being true or the truth.  Today I not only question all of the above but also Grace Preachers, which leads to a lot of attacks of a personal nature – after all, if they can’t hit you on doctrine, the next best thing is to get personal – and personal they get – very.  I’ve been called every derogatory name under the sun and I’ve managed to grow a thick skin in the interim.  Being called a female dog doesn’t phase me anymore.   It’s like :  whatever.

Most people also discern truth by the fact that if the purveyor of said truth is “kind, gentle or non-argumentive” or not.  So if the person standing behind the video camera or pulpit is perceived to be, or comes across as being a kind and gentle soul – their thinking is that there is no way he can schmoozle you, but if he comes across as sarcastic, overbearing and harsh, their train of thought is that he’s definitely schmoozling you, irrespective of the fact that Satan operates as an angel of light in this current dispensation.  Hello, anyone home?  It seems like 21st Century politically correctness and UN Agenda 21 have succeeded in turning most into single celled amoebas – ask no questions, hear no lies, huh.  Same ole, same ole.  I’ve made a pact with myself – not to get my hopes up too high when talking to people in the hopes that they don’t adhere to the status quo of society and fit into the sheep jigsaw puzzle as I have a tendency to be very disappointed a lot of the time when I give them the benefit of the doubt thinking, “These people don’t suffer from sheep syndrome”, and whaddaya know – the bleating soon comes to the fore – quite loud and clear.

I’m only now figuring out what these churches believe, and wonder if those sitting in the pews have a clue as to what they actually believe for their salvation apart from “inviting Jesus into one’s heart”, “making Jesus the Lord of one’s life”, or “following Him” and it goes without saying, that to date not one of them have managed to follow Christ faultlessly according to His earthly ministry.  You get the clever Alecs who will try and challenge this statement, but when all is said and done,  Acts 2:45 is their nemesis, not to mention Matthew 14:22-31, not to mention Mark 16:18 or Matthew 5:29.  And which sinful man can profess to be just like Christ, the Son of God?   Professing just to be like God?   Isaiah 14:14 ring a bell?  Which reminds me of the fact that Satan is the god of this world, and if unbelievers do his will, they’ll be like him in their train of thought too, won’t they?  Ever heard of the Pentecostal teaching that we are little gods?  It all boils down to Isaiah 14:14, and brings me to the scripture where Jesus said, “Ye are of your father the devil” – John 8:44.

I had a light bulb moment (not an earth shattering one, but one all the same) and the prognosis I came to was that according to their thinking, it’s not what He (Jesus Christ) DID for them, but rather it’s what He is still DOING for them apart from the fact that it’s what they can do to assist Him in working out their salvation – and that according to their belief system it’s not working out (living out) one’s salvation (saved state) during the tenure on this earth by doing good works (living out one’s salvation) –  (salvation + good works) but rather trying to figure out how one is saved during one’s tenure on this earth (to obtain salvation by one’s good works).  See how their belief system falls into that of enduring to the end and overcoming?  Denominational Christianity is here, there and everywhere, some dunk, others sprinkle, some believe Acts 2:38 for their salvation, others believe John 3:16 – but none of them have figured out how John 4:22 fits into the equation, and none seem to care – they’ll just keep on keeping on in the hopes that one they will reach heaven.  They have absolutely no salvation security – because they aren’t saved.

I figured out that they believe that since Christ suffered on Calvary’s cross, the least they can do is be good to return the favour apart from the fact if they’re good and impress Him, He will bless them, hence the kingdom will come into effect more speedily. ??

Salvation today comes by belief (faith), viz., faith in Christ finished work on Calvary’s cross alone – 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. It has absolutely nothing to do with works – Ephesians 2:8-9.

People who depend on themselves for their salvation (co-saviours with Christ) are unable to grasp the vastness of God’s grace in this current dispensation.  God’s grace isn’t so petty or miniscule that we have to work for it or work to maintain it – that isn’t unmerited favour.

Two other things:

God doesn’t need us – so there’s no need to feel sorry for Him when people turn their backs on Him or don’t want to have anything to do with Him.

The other thing is : God isn’t our personal gofer.  He doesn’t look out for our every fleshly need.  The only things God is concerned about today are peoples’ souls, and once they’re saved – that they come to the knowledge of the truth, ie., understand the Bible and apply what was written TO them.  Thirdly, God won’t allow you to drag His name and the Apostle Paul’s ministry through the mud.  If you are going to behave like a pagan (albeit a saved one), your flesh will feel the effects of your stupidity. and if not, you will feel the effects at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Stating that mainline, institutionalised denominationalism has various gospels they believe like Acts 2:38, John 3:16 or Revelation 3:20, shows how the devil has added insult upon injury.  First he deceived them into turning away from Pauline truth, then he gave each one a different “good news” – which is sad to say – not good news at all.

And he does the same thing in the Grace Movement – he has split Right Division into different denominations as well – some believe Romans 10:9 for their salvation (which is part of Israel’s Kingdom Gospel), others believe Romans 3:23-2……. (whatever) for their salvation, and some even go as far as to say that John 3:16 is the same as the good news of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

Satan’s motive :  Divide and rule by either rendering one’s ministry null and void (as a saved person) or dividing and ruling you until you end up in hell (as an unsaved person)




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