I am currently doing a study on the 7 churches of Revelation as the book of Revelation has always fascinated me (as with a lot of people).

Interesting that the church at Ephesus fits into the book of Exodus.  How God chose them and called them out of Egypt to make them a nation, but they turned against Him – they left their first love.  In the book of Exodus they are referred to as “…. the whole congration of the children of Israel….

Smyrna depicts the Jews’ wanderings in the book of Numbers.  Their 10 day trial.

Pergamos – Depicts the Jewish congregation in the wilderness as well as their worship of Balaam.

Thyatira – Is the Jewish congregation under the rule of Kings.  1 & 2 Kings.

Sardis – Depicts the period of ISRAEL’S removal in 1 & 2 Chronicles.

Philadelphia – Depicts the period of JUDAH under Kings.  The Temple.  The book of Samuel and Kings.

Laodicea – is the period of JUDAH’S removal.   The minor prophets – Hosea, Amos, etc.

Of course, not many people discern between Israel and Judah because of ignorance, so after Judah’s removal – there was a period of silence for about 450 years before Christ’s earthly appearance where He came to offer them their Kingdom.  One can see their spiritual state by just looking at the Scribes and Pharisees.

These 7 churches fall into the book of Revelation as these are the types of people that will be present in Israel during the Tribulation.   Jews who have left their first love, Jews who worship Satan (Balaam), Jews who are neither hot nor cold, but rather lukewarm, some who will appear to be alive but are in fact dead (spiritually).  And then there’s the Harlot who rides the beast……  Israel was always referred to as a harlot or whore in the Old Covenant because she had a tendency to pick up the spiritual practises of the pagans.  the harlot referenced in Revelation has to be Jewish – there’s no way she’s the Roman Catholic church as God simply isn’t dealing with denominational sewage during the trib.  The Catholics had their turn at salvation during the dispensation of grace – if one looks backwards from a tribulation point of view.

The question is :  Will Israel just have an automatic spiritual awakening and see the truth?  No.   Hence the reason God sends her two witnesses, and once these two witnesses confront the Jews with the truth – that is when some of them will be running to and fro as per Daniel 12:4.

In all dispensations you’d have gotten those, or will get those who want to know the truth, and on the other hand you will get those who want to know absolutely nothing concerning God and His will.

Unlike Tim LaHaye who reckons that knowledge in the end times will increase because of the internet, TV, cell phones, etc.    That’s not the type of knowledge Daniel refers to – he is referring to knowledge about doctrine concerning the end times, i.e., God’s will.    Hoseas 4:6 emphatically states that the Jews perish because of a lack of…………. KNOWLEDGE, and during the tribulation that knowledge will increase and some will heed it – a remnant to be precise.

Strange (or not) how unsaved men interprete the Bible from an unsaved point of view….. and how their unsaved followers agree with them.   Like the ignorant of today – “knowledge puffeth up” – since when does Pauline doctrine puff up?  It edifies.   It’s man’s knowledge that puffeth up.  If you absorb Pauline doctrine it turns you into a decent human being – but if you absorb heresy, yep it will puffeth you uppeth 😉

Meanwhile – – – –  back at the denominational ranch – – – they’re all thinking they’re Philadelphia and all the Mega churches (so-called) are Laodicea…………. what a snooze.  Makes one wonder how they interprete the synagogue of Satan in Revelation 3:9 – unless they have a “light bulb moment” and rename their churches synagogues…….. which to a certain degree is happening today, they’re already 90% there (wannabe Jews) anyway because they apply doctrine God wrote to the Jews to themselves.  Some have already changed their “Sunday sabbath” to Saturday and are leaving a place open for Christ at the Passover table……. which they coincidentally celebrate with Ishtar.

Modern day denominational, intitutitionalised Christianity is schizophrenic multiplied by 3000.




  1. Randy says:

    Unsaved men, unsaved women..denominationally institutionalized followers..bobble heads everyone!(at best) I am so tired of the mega churches lying to the sheepish folks! I’ve got family wrapped up in that asinine movement..more like set in concrete! They all look at me like I have no brain!
    I really do enjoy your blogs and miss talking to you, but I understand!! Hope your health is holding up!

    Liked by 1 person

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