You know that verse in Revelation about receiving the mark of the beast IN the skin?  Well, microchips are placed UNDER the skin, not in the skin.

Go figure.   Tattoos are however made IN the skin.

Everytime some religious denominationalist Acts 2 dispensationalist goes barmy regarding the microchip and technology I have a yawning attack.

Makes me wonder how things will actually be in the tribulation – my guess is that most will accept tattoos because they aren’t the expected microchips which are the expected Mark of the Beast.

My guess is that most who cross over the dispensational boundary from this dispensation to the trib will think they are saved by faith alone because they’ve probably been reading Tim’s  goofy book about the tribulation where “Christians” actually work for the Antichrist and say he is a “nice guy”, or that if they take the Mark of the Beast and repent, they will be forgiven.

It’s a crazy mixed up world out there and people align themselves with anyone who tickles their ears.



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