There isn’t.

No matter who you vote for the outcome will be the same because generally around the world there is a common thread – economies of nations are purposefully made to sink (that is if they weren’t already decrepit), serious crime is increasing at a phenomenal rate, nothing is being done about ethnic cleansing and genocide in the middle east or in other countries (no one government seems to care who ISIS is murdering), police forces are becoming more militaristic and violent, not to mention the total immorality and amorality of most people.  In short :  no-one out there seems to have a backbone (read : no conscience, no principles, no integrity).

People are murdered in Brussels and what does the so-called leader of the West do? He does the tango and purports the “virtues” of a communist/fascist state – Cuba.    Like he says, we can learn a lot from Cuba indeed – especially how not to be like their leaders and other Communists/Fascists.  Obama is a fascist.  Just as Hitler once did, he has implemented a National Healthcare System, and he wants the youth to volunteer for community service.

The world has gone stone cold bonkers, and is it any wonder?  We are gravitating towards a Big Brother world where man (the pinnacle of God’s creation) is seen as a cancer on the planet.  Those who are controlling the world (along with the god of this world) want to virtually wipe-out mankind.  What makes them think that everyone else is the cancer and they’re not?  My thinking is this :  If you want to depopulate the earth – let them start with you.

In South Africa it’s much the same – Jacob Zuma our much vaunted leader (pictured below) has made a total mess of the economy – it is predicted that it will only grow by 1% this year (if that).  He’s a United Nations lackey of course and everywhere one can see UN Agenda 2030 (UN Agenda 21 on steroids) being implemented in this country- even in the tiniest of things.  For example, at a lake at a local mall there’s a signboard stating that one shouldn’t feed the ducks and they state the 10 reasons as to why one shouldn’t feed the ducky wuckies, darling,  because one shouldn’t interfere with the wildlife.  The signboard is to your left – but when you look to your right – lo and behold what have they done?  They’ve built rock-faced nesting houses for the little ducks – so much for not interfering with the wildlife, and people just don’t see the absurdity or duplicity of it all.  Building nesting houses for birds, but there are many homeless PEOPLE around. Put the Antichrist in charge of this world scenario and imagine how evil it will be.

If one wants a summary of what is happening in the world today, all one has to do is read the Georgia Guidestones to get the just of what is happening.

What is currently happening in the world by way of abortion, legalised euthanasia, genocide, ethnic cleansing, crime, war, terrorism, genetically modified foodstuffs and animals (cattle, sheep, fish), etc is the implementation of depopulation.   Some of it like abortion has been in effect for years, and this country was added to the list of abortionists in 1994.

Listed first on the Georgia guidestones is the fact that they want to reduce the world’s population to 500 million people.  Do the math.   The more people who are murdered now (by whichever means), the less people there are for them to “take care of” in times to come.

Even the royal family of Britain are a pro UN Agenda 21.  Wasn’t it Prince Phillip who stated that when he dies he wants to come back as a virulent virus and wipe out most of humanity because they’re a cancer on the earth?   Those are billions of souls that God has given life to in order for them to have a chance at salvation.   The only tragic thing that will happen to Phillip is that he is going to split hell wide open.

UN Agenda 21 – UN Agenda 2030 is the reason why I don’t vote anymore because the opposition parties are ALL on the bandwagon, if they weren’t they wouldn’t be opposition parties.   They just have a different set of vocabulary to fleece people with.  All politicians lie through their teeth and make promises they cannot/are unable to keep.

My conscience won’t allow me to vote for evil men who intend creating a fascist/communistic one world order where humanity will suffer, and where there will be no freedom of speech or freedom of worship.

Is it any wonder the Apostle Paul calls this world evil.

Galatians 1:4 “Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father:”

The motive of this post isn’t to convince you to stop voting – you can vote – (just like you are free to drink, take drugs, cuss, believe lies, etc – you can do it but it’s not expedient) – it is to prick your conscience, to make you realise that politics and politicians won’t and are unable to solve the problems of the world, in fact they’re doing Satan’s will.  This post is to make you realise that what’s important is to get souls saved by preaching the gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

agenda 2


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