You know someone is a proof-texter or want their flesh coddled when….

…. they quote this Bible verse on its own :

Philippians 4:13 ~  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Philippians 4:13 is the mantra of Pentecostals and charismatic mainline denominationalists who think that it’s confirmation that God still assists or helps to build the outerman (flesh) today.

And when a so-called Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensationalist quotes it on its own then it can only mean one thing – that they’ve never come out of mainline denominationalism, no matter how much they might protest to having done the opposite.

Those who post this are normally the followers and adherents of false teachers and their false teachings and are normally the ones who have the biggest egos because “they can do all things through Christ which strengthens them” – and that would include having found “the truth” because, at last…… finally……. they have found a teacher and teachings which props up their unbelief.  It goes without saying that everything they ever haven’t believed is confirmed by their new preachers/teachers/mentors -if someone else believes this “truth”, it must be true, or if very few believe this “truth”, they must be the  “remnant”.    And bollocks with the rest.

Philippians 4:13 in context means :  Even in difficult circumstances, in difficult times, in persecution, in suffering our spirit man (innerman) abounds because it is Christ which strengthens him.  It is therefore the strengthened innerman which is at peace and knows that anything life throws his way is purely temporary and doesn’t matter, it is the strengthened innerman which controls the flesh, so the flesh cannot “cry”, — what it isn’t is some pentecostal/charismatic mantra that convinces you that you are strong  in your flesh.

Proof-texting is the most subtle way to deceive people  because a verse is still quoted out of the Bible and all seems above board, but when people take a verse like Philippians 4:13 and blend it with Israel’s covenant doctrine like the pentecostal/charismatics and some Right dividers do, it becomes something it is not, in other words it is ripped totally out of context.  And that should tell you what/who you are dealing with.

When the Apostle Paul talks about abounding, he doesn’t mean in the flesh, he means in the strengthened spirit man, and the only way the spirit man (innerman) can be strengthened is through the absorption and acting upon of sound doctrine.

Absorption and acting upon heresy will only leave you as the denominationalist you still are,  who posts those incomprehensibly silly DIY mantras on how to be thankful, joyful and at peace.  No-one can convince you to be thankful, holy, joyful and at peace because it comes from within – from a strengthened innerman that has been strengthened by Christ Himself through sound doctrine.  It’s normally the ones who look down a wine/beer glass who have the most “joy” these days and have the audacity to call others legalists.  Of course, they are in the flesh and their flesh tells them they are happy when they are inebriated.  It’s stupid and it’s childish.

I have a tendency to “run away” from those stupid little pics/cards people post everywhere, especially on Facebook – telling you or implying that if you read it, you will be a better person, which things are either taken out of context if it is a bible verse, most of the time they are offensive (because people from different cultures think and perceive things  differently to you, so they’re never going to believe what you say because you’ve offended them – so much for preaching the gospel to them), those little pics are highly insipid, one-dimensional and totally infantile, but I guess they are a reflection of the politically correct mindset and the herd mentality of today’s society – “we cannot/don’t want to read, but one or two sentences with a little flower/baby/forest scene”  makes us feel really great”.

Pentecostals/charismatics have a tendency to post “a thought or a devotion” for the day that means what?  Diddly-squat.  But it makes them feel holy/good for a few minutes before they “lose their salvation” again, not to mention their “joint-heirship with Christ” which one can also apparently lose…… what a travesty.

The only ones’ attention that is grabbed by these inane things are the simple-minded.  It’s like the texts one can subscribe to, called “a Bible verse for the day” – and they quote  Israel’s covenant promises to you. Like that is going to help you a lot.  News flash :  You aren’t Israel – build a bridge and get over it.

All of them profess to be at peace and have joy until you trample all over their doctrinal toes…… then their peace and joy vanish into thin air and they are unable to do all things through Christ which so calls strengthens them, and the women can be the most vicious human beings you’ve ever had the “pleasure” of encountering.

I’ve passed the monosyllable stage of proof-texting, and I’m past the stage of calling sound doctrine a “meaty morsel” like a Primary school child would….. seriously?  A meaty morsel?   I never liked school, I found it boring, restrictive and the so-called religious classes were a total hit and miss scenario.   “Come here kiddie, come and have your meaty morsel for the day” – meanwhile, back at the ranch, they’re feeding you Rattex.

I’m not into mantras, fashionable buzz phrases or buzz words or the total inanity of “if Pastor so-and-so said it, it must be true” and virtually bow down to him because I don’t have the back-bone to question him, nor is he the  approachable type when it comes to one questioning what he teaches – he’d rather slam dunk you with scripture and tell you that you have to answer his questions with either a “yes” or a “no” – that’s a sure sign of someone who shouldn’t be standing behind a pulpit – I’ve learnt to avoid people like these like the plague – they’re normally the ones who don’t have a cooking clue as to what the gospel is that saves men’s souls because they’re steeped in unbelief, or they add to Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s cross, or they don’t have a Bible they believe.

It’s a doctrinal/spiritual jungle out there and one has to be so careful who one associates with because they might not bring you down in your flesh, but they will definitely bring you down in your spirit and render you a spiritual cripple for the rest of your life.

I don’t associate with people because they stroke my ego,  I was never one for ego-stroking, mind-numbing, back-handed compliments.









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