Nowhere in Hebrew doctrine, which is the Old Testament or the New Testament which is future – Hebrews to Revelation is the body of Christ mentioned.

Nowhere in Hebrew doctrine is the One NEW Man mentioned.

But both terms (the body of Christ, the One New Man) are mentioned in Paul’s epistles.

Nowhere in Paul’s epistles does it say we have to keep the law to obtain righteousness or right standing in the eyes of God, but it does say so in the Hebrew epistles.

In Paul’s epistles it says the body of Christ’s eternal home is heaven (heavenly places).

In Hebrew doctrine it talks about an earthly kingdom, a kingdom that God always promised to ISRAEL, since God gave her the Land, and an elevated status as the light of the world (in times past – and in times to come – it’s called the Millennium and it comes to fruition after the tribulation at the end of Revelation), she (Israel) is the one whose Kingdom is restored during the Millennium.  God never promised any Gentile a Kingdom.

In Paul’s epistles it says a person is saved by grace through faith without works, in Hebrew doctrine (future and in times past) it says that a person is saved by faith + works in order to gain righteousness (justification) in the eyes of God.

Hebrew doctrine (New Testament) has the 12 Apostles seated in the New Jerusalem – 12 seats for 12 Apostles.  There isn’t one for the Apostle Paul as he isn’t part of the 12.

Pauline doctrine has one Apostle, the Apostle Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles.

The ascended Christ revealed a mystery to the Apostle Paul, something new that was hid in God BEFORE the foundation of the world, and it included a new Gospel.  A gospel based solely on faith in Christ finished work on Calvary’s cross + His resurrection from the dead.  Faith without works.   It is what He did, not what we can do.

In Hebrew doctrine, the 12 preached the Kingdom Gospel that was given to Israel along with her Old Covenant and the promised Kingdom with Christ as their Messiah (King).  The New Testament which will come into effect in times to come when God again deals with Israel will see changes to the Covenant – with Christ as their perfect sacrifice and not bulls, goats or doves as it was in the Old Covenant.

The body of Christ which is solely referred to by the Apostle Paul in his 13 epistles isn’t assigned to wrath (tribulation) because we are already justified freely by God’s grace.  Our faith justifies us in the sight of God.

Israel however is subject to wrath because she has to justify herself not only by faith in the Son of God, but by her works too.  She has to endure to the end in order to be saved (meaning she has to justify herself by her good works).

I haven’t provided scripture for the above – you need to read it for yourself in an Authorized King James Bible to be fully persuaded.

With the above in mind, one wonders how mainline, institutionalized Christianity believes otherwise and tries to fool themselves that ALL of the Bible is written to them and try and apply it to themselves.  Is it any wonder they’re a confused bunch?





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