UN Agenda 21 isn’t a conspiracy theory

It is reality, like it or not.

What does however bug me is when I see people putting their faith/trust in politicians in this day and age, in this present evil world.

It’s 2016, do you really think it’s possible for Donald Trump to take you back in time to a different world?   Trump is an unsaved man, he’s not perfect, he’s a businessman who has been married how many times already?  He’s ruthless, that is why he is rich.

I’ve worked for enough rich people to know how they think and operate, and I’ve dealt with enough unsaved religious people to know how good they appear to be, but in reality they are harsh. (Not that Trump is religious, but he does refer to “God” when it suits him, and my line of thinking is it’s probably the “unknown God”).

Are you really so naive as to think that Trump can take you back to the 1950s, 1970s?  He can sure as heck try, but my line of thinking is that if he was to become the next President of the USA, he won’t last long – he’ll be assassinated.  In today’s liberal WORLD, because that is what the world became after communism in the USSR came apart at the seams – LIBERAL.   Trump will have to capitulate to the liberal agenda  or he won’t last long.

There isn’t room for someone like him in today’s world – he is passe.  Someone like Hillary Clinton fits the bill perfectly – corrupt, murderous, uncaring, speaks with forked tongue – lies, has no conscience, is manipulative and controlling, is on a massive power trip and wants to make history by being not only the 2nd Clinton in the Oval office, but the first woman President of the USA.

You want the country to be “saved” for your grandchildren?  For what – to bring back prayer in schools where they pray the Lord’s prayer which  means exactly what?  Diddly squat.   To put back the 10 commandments in government buildings, which means what?  Diddly squat.   Stop being a poser for once in your life.  You as a Right Divider should surely know that the Lord’s prayer and the Levitical law have absolutely no sanction during this current dispensation of God’s grace. But apparently not, it seems you get off on appearances, and you probably used to call America a “Christian nation” too, the nation that God speaks about in the Bible when He is actually referring to Israel in times past….. it’s all one huge yawn, and the fact that you are blessing “Israel”  that’s why God is blessing you (the other chosen nation) – and you cannot see the contradiction?

You know, most of the time I’m convinced there’s absolutely no hope for some people – they like being seen as something, even if that something goes against the grain of what they supposedly believe.   Makes one wonder just how well brain-washing works. I think it works bloody marvelous.   So you want your grandkids to undergo the same brain-washing as you.

Obama has caused so much division in America.  It makes me think that if Michelle doesn’t want to live in a White House built by slave labour, why the heck did her husband run for President of the United States?  Why didn’t she prevent him.  You should’ve thought of that beforehand, Michelle – living in a house built by slave labour, where you wake up every morning and you’re waited on hand and foot.  Perhaps you should have it demolished and rebuilt to suit your “conscience”.  Pity your conscience doesn’t bother you when you cause racial division and associate with questionable people – but on the other hand, why would you question people who are on the same page as you?  Birds of a feather flock together.

Concerning Trump, like any other person, if you aren’t sure of his character – look at his friends – that should tell you all you need to know about him.  That was my rule on Facebook – and the reason why I looked at certain peoples’ friends’ lists – that told me all I needed to know about them, especially the close friends who they conversed with on a daily basis.  When an idiot tells me woman is the rib that God took out of Adam that is why man is always looking for a woman – it makes me laugh.  Dude, really……. if you think woman cannot be happy without a man and vice versa – best start looking at the Apostle you profess to follow – the Apostle Paul, he wasn’t looking for his “missing rib”, and by the way, a man has the same rib count as a woman.  You never learnt that in Biology?

My problem is (and I confess it here lol) is that my standards are too high, that is why I “cannot find a man” (not that I am looking).  Most men I meet bore me to tears.  I’m not the “lovey dovey, sugar-coated” type, but I am very maternal and feminine, but I find most men too weak for me, especially when they start talking garbage – that’s when it really grates on me and I have to get away.

I’ve got the best pair of running shoes on the planet, dudes.  I’m nobody’s rib that they are searching for, seriously.   I don’t wan’t to be a rib – there’s more to life than that.


2 thoughts on “UN Agenda 21 isn’t a conspiracy theory

  1. Randy teague says:

    Magnificent! Spot on as some are wont to say! You hit all the nails and smacked them pretty well. I have watching this country circling the drain for years! I doubt there are many people who remember the 60’s or 70’s like I do, but that’s a different story!

    Your points about Clinton are true, but scary! I’m not afraid because I know this whole set of government can and will crash down with little or no warning! All of the lemmings running around like screwed chickens…but, I digress!

    Anyway, I truly enjoy your appraisal of our current events! All the people screaming about Hillary and trump and Obama! Then you have olive shooting and snipers shooting cops! Mercy, hope the snatching away is real soon!
    I really do enjoy reading your blogs and I look forward, hopefully, too many more! 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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