He was persistent, patient, courageous, humble, uncompromising, yielding, ethical, determined and forgiving.

Paul never complained of fatigue or of being tired, nor of the hardships he experienced, he never stated that he was disappointed by the turn his life took, nor of his lack of wealth, nor of wasted years, or a lack of fame.  Paul knew the truth, he wasnt even fazed by being imprisoned, to him, dying would be an improvement.

Philippians 1:21 ~ For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

How much do you complain about being tired, of the hardships in your life, of your lack of wealth?  I know I complain about doctrinal and spiritual ignorance, bible blending, plain stupidity, total inanity, spiritual blindness and gross unbelief, and it annoys me when people who should know better behave and do things that one can expect from people who don’t know the truth – those without.

If you dealt with a fledgling church like the one at Corinth what would YOU have said or done?  Pointed them towards Chicago to sign up for a course titled “through the Bible in 365 days?”  Told them to join Dispensational 101’s Facebook group?  Told all the women to shut up because they’re Adam’s missing rib and ribs shouldn’t be talking on the church of Facebook nor on the church of WordPress?  😉  or referred them to Southern California for some meaty morsels on how to become a joint-heir with Christ?



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