Taken from : http://graceambassadors.com/tradition/list-baptisms-in-the-bible

  1. Noah’s type baptism
    Peter mentions that eight people were saved by water in an ark as a type of a future baptism. (Gen 6:13; 1 Peter 3:20-21)
  2. Baptism unto Moses
    Paul presents Israel’s baptism unto Moses “in the cloud and in the sea”. (1 Cor 10:1-2;Exo 14:29)
  3. Israel’s ceremonial cleansings
    These cleansing rituals were required under the Mosaic Law for the cleansing of the people. (Num 19:13; Lev 11:25; Exo 19:14; Exo 30:17-21; Heb 9:10)
  4. Levitical priesthood baptisms
    These washings were required in order to become a priest under the Law of Moses.
    (Exo 29:4; Lev 8:6; Num 8:7)
  5. Traditional Jewish baptisms
    These baptisms were not mandated under the Law but were part of Jewish tradition.
    (Mt 15:1-2; Mk 7:1-9; Lk 11:38)
  6. John’s baptism
    John came to Israel baptizing with water for the remission of sins so that they could enter the promised kingdom. (Mt 3:5-6; Mk 1:4; Lk 3:3; Jn 1:31; Lk 7:29; Acts 10:37)
  7. Jesus’ baptism by John
    Jesus, who knew no sin, was baptized by John to fulfill all righteousness. (Mat 3:13-17;Mk 1:9-10)
  8. Baptism with fire
    Jesus would baptize the nation with fire as they went through the tribulation. This trial baptism would damn the unfaithful to hell. (Isa 4:4; Mal 3:2-3; Mt 3:11; Lk 3:16)
  9. Jesus’ baptism unto death
    Jesus’ second baptism which he accomplished at the cross where he was identified with the sins of Israel and the world. (Mt 20:22-23; Mk 10:38-39; Luke 12:50)
  10. Pentecostal water baptism
    Peter’s presentation of water baptism for the remission of sins in the name of Jesus. (Acts 2:38; Mk 16:16; Mt 28:19; Acts 22:16; Eze 36:25)
  11. Pentecostal Spirit baptism
    This is the baptism with the Holy Spirit by Jesus Christ from heaven poured out upon the believing remnant of Israel with signs and powers following. (Isa 44:3; Mt 3:11; Mk 1:8; Lk 24:49; Acts 2:17-18, 38; Acts 8:15-17; Acts 11:16)
  12. Gentile baptism of Cornelius
    Cornelius was baptized with the Holy Spirit as a sign to Peter. Peter subsequently baptizes Cornelius and the other Spirit-filled Gentiles with water. (Acts 10:45-48)
  13. Baptism for the dead
    This baptism is debated heavily and is most likely synonymous with one of the other baptisms. If this is true, “for the dead” would signify the circumstance under which those believers were baptized. (1 Cor 15:29)
  14. Baptism into Christ
    The only baptism taught by Paul which identifies the believer with Christ, his death, and resurrection. This baptism is performed by the Spirit and does not include water.
    (1 Cor 12:13; Eph 4:5; Col 2:12; Gal 3:27; Rom 6:3-4)

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