The bottom-line is that people will more than likely disappoint you.

They will lie to you.

They will deceive you.

They will back stab you

They will gossip about you.

They will envy you.

They will _______________ (fill in the blank space)

Hence the reason why I do not think, nor am I under the impression that they can and will make me happy (always), because they won’t, and this is the reason I don’t place my trust in any human to make me happy.  I believe happiness comes from accepting who you are, what your situation is and what the end result will be, namely, that I am saved through faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross + His resurrection, my situation is that my tenure on this earth is temporary and that I live in a sin cursed world and that the end result (eternity) will be spent in glory, reconciled to God.

And that is the point I’m trying to make……  So many have their eyes so firmly set on the here and now, they can’t see eternity or things above.

2 Timothy 2:4 ~ No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

And that is the reason why I don’t become involved with politics, politicians or any social agenda out there, nor am I under the wrong impression that another person can fulfill me when I am already fulfilled spiritually.

It makes me smile and wonder how many who read my previous post took it up totally the wrong way – because they’re totally clueless as to which angle I am coming from because they entangle themselves with the affairs of this world.  You have some running around trying to “embalm” their flesh, so they can look 50 when they’re 80 because they get off on back-handed compliments of “how good they look”.    Seriously, if that is all that mattered in my life, then you can rightfully call me shallow.  What matters to me is the strengthening of the inner man, and I’m just as determined to strengthen “him” (by study) as what I was to know the truth rightly divided, as well as understand the Bible pre 2008.

AND I prefer to grow old gracefully, especially after reading in the Bible that man cannot live forever on this earth – one has to die of something sooner or later, and I’d prefer not to live a long life in a sin cursed world where there’s nothing but mayhem and evil.   Even rich people and healthy people do not have total fulfillment on this planet because (a) if they’re lost they live in fear of dying, and (b) if they’re saved, most of them aren’t strengthened in their inner man and are wholly attached to the affairs of this world.

Heck no, I don’t want to be a granny who is seen as mutton dressed as lamb, it’s like being all dressed up and have nowhere to go……. seriously dude, NO.  A 50 year old woman who parades her flesh around in a bikini – one word : eeeew.  Somehow there’s something so wrong about it.    It’s the same with a 50 year old mama who flirts like a 30 year old – I just can’t see anything right with it lol, it’s kinda pitiful to me, especially when the person in question is saved.

It’s the same with old men – there’s nothing more gross than when a man is 50+ and still thinks he’s a hot toddy, seriously dude………. no, it’s kinda creepy – do not, I repeat – do not take off your shirt when there are people around…….  and that goatee,,,,, well – nope, it just doesn’t do it, seriously.

Whatever happened to respectable grannies and grandpas?   Just think, in 20+ years time we’re going to have them “running around” with tattoos all over their bodies – hell no is all I can say – I’m so glad I probably won’t be alive or perhaps blind so I cannot see it – imagine grannies and grandpas with body piercings too, can you imagine what the next generation is going to be like – if there is a next generation?

I’m no fuddy duddy, I’ve done some really crazy things in my life – but one needs to accept one’s (0ld) age and behave accordingly.  If you don’t think you’ll ever get old and that your rabbit tattoo will ever start to look like an elephant (because of sagging skin) – it’s time to rethink having a tattoo and falling in line with the rest of the sheep who do.  After all, why be normal?

Imagine having a grandpa/granny who has a list of her ex lovers’ names tattooed to her arm/fingers/hands/you name it?  I guess little Johnny will be so awfully mixed up, he won’t really care actually because he’ll have more tattoos than his granny and grandpa.

I’ve oftened wondered about the IQ of people who tattoo their boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives names on their bodies – and then when the split comes it’s like, “laser removal is sooooo expensive”……………. seriously dude?  Did you really think that in today’s world you would stay together forever – read the statistics, there’s a chance 50% chance or more of you splitting up.

It’s actually peoples’ low IQ that gets up my nose.  Most don’t think they will grow old, others don’t think they’ll ever die, others think they will look 40 when they’re 80, others think they’ll be together forever and don’t realise that relationships, marriage included is a LOT OF HARD WORK – it just doesn’t “happen” – it is made.  Successful marriages and relationships are made by hard work, not “happy feelwings and emotions”, nor are they made by sex, nor by cooking or baking.

My mantra is :  You can be married, BUT are you happily married especially after the 7 year itch which sometimes comes around at 5 years – you know – when you’re really sick and tired of one another and you just co-exist?  As in :  Yeah, let’s bake him 10 cupcakes with a lot of cholesterol in them so he can die of a heart attack and I can live happily ever after on his life insurance payout? lol.  Or  Let’s feed the ……………… so he can shut up, or spend all his money because that’s all that really matters – is his money lol.  Or let him have second and third helpings so he can die so you can marry someone else.  Comfort eating is a sure sign of a sad marriage/relationship.   Ask me, I know.

Who can honestly answer yes to that question?   Are you HAPPILY married and just not married.  Remember, the statistics are 50% or more of you not being happy, so don’t try to fool yourself or your Fakebook friends lol, besides God knows the truth.



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