If you come on here with the sole purpose of debating gunk I refuse to debate you and read your 10 000 mile long posts, and here’s why:

I am sick – my immune system isn’t what it should be because it isn’t fighting common bacterial infections, and I cannot add any further stress to my life, because stress is a killer (and most people don’t realise it).

I have been on 10 courses of large doses of penicillin since November last year, including major doses of IV penicillin when I was hospatilised.

They have tested me for diabetes and HIV, both of which have come up negative, so the only other thing remaining is probably cancer – lymphoma more specifically, which I don’t think I have.

Hence the reason I’ve taken to writing – as a way of letting out all the stress, especially when someone’s blatant ignorance, stupidity or unbelief annoy me.  And quite frankly, I don’t give a damn what you think or say for that matter (about me as a person).

The other thing I would like to add is that if you would like to judge me for taking antibiotics and that antibiotics are unacceptable – please keep in  mind that if it weren’t for antibiotics I would be dead because I had cellulitis which turned into sepsis and if I went into hospital a day later it would’ve been too late.

Diets alone do nothing – it’s the western lifestyle as a whole that kills people, that’s why I’ve adopted the attitude of eating anything I feel like eating because I could be dead tomorrow – which is gain for me, but I’m sure as heck not going to stress over food, and if I get annoyed – I’m going to let it out of my system.

Some people like to sit back and judge medicine and doctors, but when they or their family so happen to be on the brink of death – that is what and who they turn to.  Not to mention the fact that if they were brought to starvation – they would eat anything.  All their western principles and preconceived ideas would fly out the window, especially those who dearly love to cling onto their flesh and life on this earth.

So it’s easy to sit back in your comfortable house/car and enjoy your western lifestyle and judge people who don’t have an option as to what they can/cannot eat, or people who do not have an option to enjoy the same lifestyle as you.

No offence meant, but I find most Americans very limited and regional in their thinking – they don’t think that there’s a great big world out there where most people are poor and hungry, most people cannot download those fancy videos and audios that you make to “spread the gospel”, most people cannot afford those books that you write either.

Personally, to my line of thinking it’s the era of “grace for the rich or middle class only”.




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