I’m going to be off for a while

I have to go for a series of tests because I can’t continue feeling the way that I do.

I’ve been walking around like this for months in the hope that it’s the last and that I won’t get these things anymore, but alas, I have another one and I’m on a course of anti-biotics again.

I first have to go to the dermatology department where they will conduct a series of tests on me, if the tests come up negative, I then have to go to the Oncology department who will again deduct a series of tests on me, including biopsies,  if these tests come up negative, it’s off to the next department and so forth……  you get the picture.

I was at the doctor again yesterday and she informed me that the tests will be very expensive  because they have to do a lot of them normally to find out what the problem is – that’s what they’ve found out from experience from people who have the same issue – and not all people have the same cause – it can be a skin disease or it can be cancer, or it can be an immune issue like leukemia, myeloma or lymph camcer.

I’ve been walking around like this for months (as stated before), and I’m not feeling any better, the infections are becoming more frequent irrrespective of how much cod liver oil I drink, how many magnesium, multi-vitamin, kelp, iron or how many organic chickens I swallow or eat, or how much chicken broth I drink, how much raw butter I munch, how much kefir I throw down my throat – it’s all the same, if not worse.  I have even popped activated charcoal pills – all in vain.  I was always a health freak – from childhood on, and South Africa (being behind the rest of the world) who only got TV in 1975 (believe it or not), only had a KFC and a Wimpy (British fast food company) – and I never ate much of that, nor did I eat much packet or tinned foods, I was frequently a vegetarian who ate a lot of vegetables, nuts, dairy, fruit and eggs.  I always gravitated towards fish and used to eat a lot of that – especially oily fish when I was in my 20s and 30s.  Broccoli, spinach and cauliflower became my staple diet.  So I would appreciate it if the “self-diagnostic Professors” would shut up concerning the reason I am sick.

I was always thin (plump at the most), I used to jog, go to gym, walk, swim – I have jogged for most of my life – so keep your ignorance to yourself.  I never used to fry myself in the sun because I know how dangerous that can be – we get over 2000 hours of sunlight in this country every year – well the city that I stay in does – and that’s a lot.   We do not have a vitamin D shortage in this country like they do in the Northern Hemisphere.  Fry yourself here too often and you’re prone to get basal cell carcinoma or Melanoma.

It goes without saying that I’m not into the Mid-Acts Right Division “Dale Carnegies” (if I can call them that) – you become how you think – seriously, dude? You honestly believe that trite? Then you’d do really well in a Pentecostal Church.  It’s actually you become what sound Pauline doctrine you believe and act upon.  How many times do I need to say that before it sinks in?

For those who will be praying for my “healing” – don’t waste your time.  Do not call Benny Hinn.

It’s up to the quacks and butchers now to slice me, dice me, puncture me and core me like an apple – and I don’t really care because I feel so sick.

I’ve been feeling really miserable – and that’s a fact.  I’m also really tired and do not have the energy to self-diagnose myself.   I’m also tired of being on anti-biotics almost permanently because along with them come other infections as well.

They no longer believe/think it is Cellulitis as they did before because it’s becoming too frequent even for that.

If I stay off this block forever – you know where I am.




3 thoughts on “I’m going to be off for a while

  1. Randy says:

    Hey Audrey! As I read your blog, I hardly know what to say except I am sorry you are having such difficult times. I hope your doctors figure out what is going on and bring you some relief. I hate that you have to put up with all of the religious nuts and idiotic Pentecostal witch doctors! You are one of the sanest people I have ever met! I wish I could do something to help you, but I am 8,000 miles away! For what it is worth, I will keep you in my prayers! I really hope the doctors can determine what is going on and help you!


  2. David says:

    Going to miss you here ,And I’m sure many feel the same way.In any event know there are those praying with you.
    Until then May your Doctors be one of the instruments to better health for you.


    • Thanks guys. Wanted to reply to this sooner, but was too tired to.

      I have an allergy, of which the consequences were life threatening. I got huge abscesses like craters on my skin which then turned into deep tissue infection which in turn could have turned into sepsis, the result being, my organs could have been affected/infected.

      I’m okay now, I hope.


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