2.  Intelligent summation:

1.  All of christianity purport to believe that Christ died for their sins, was buried and rose again on the 3rd day.

Question :  BUT do they believe that for their SALVATION?

Answer : Obviously not.


Because if they did, they wouldn’t add works onto the Gospel.  By adding works, they confirm that belief in Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s cross plus His resurrection isn’t sufficient to save their souls, hence the reason why they add works and have to “do something” too.

You see, people can believe stuff, but not necessarity for THEIR SALVATION.

Knucklehead theory : (aka ignorance or stupidity) :

Even if you believe Christ died, was buried and resurrected you aren’t saved.


2.  Because Israel’s gospel also incorporates Christ’s death, burial and resurrection as part of their Kingdom Gospel too (for another dispensation).

And this is where I want to take a big, fat yawn but instead I will ask –

Chapter and verse please?

The second point I’d like to make is this :

If you so aptly say that the earth is flat and not a sphere and yet you say the earth has 4 corners proving it isn’t round – then how can a flat (coin) have 4 corners?

Seriously dude, corners also mean remote parts of the globe – as in the “remote corners of the earth”, namely north, west, east and south.   Comprehende?

Don’t these people have work to do, lawn to mow, houses to clean, dogs to feed, take children to school, take a vacation, read, study………. no……….. apparently not, it seems they’re too busy polishing their tin foil hats lol.

Embarrasing if you’re a Mid-Acts Dispensationalist.  No wonder most people think we’re idiots / fruit cakes / nuts / morons / hypocrites.




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