As a lost person, I admit that I would rather have been surrounded by animals than with people.  People aren’t exactly my forte because they have so many issues, some believe the weirdest things, some are controlling, domineering, evil, manipulative or just plain stupid.

Ever looked at some Facebook pages and thought, “Uh uh, oh no……….. what the dickens????” and just shook your head?  There’s a certain right divider who fights with all and sundry, now other right dividers would ignorantly state that he doesn’t love himself lol. Personally, I think he’s ignorant and immature and hard of hearing, as well as stubborn.  His ego is a big as Mount Vesuvius and growing.

These are the type of people who feel sorry for you, yet fly halfway across the world in order to find happiness and they can’t see the irony of it.  These are the people who under the ruse of closing down their Fakebook pages, tell you to “go well” (hahaha) and then unfriend you, and then do “good works” in order to be a “good Christian”, meanwhile back at the ranch, they have clearly lied because they do not have the backbone (for want of a better, descriptive word) to tell you to your face that you’re not their “bird of a feather” if you know what I mean, whereas they want to post nice little Bible verses every day and be happy, and join their friends for tea at high noon and discuss their happy lives,  and every day is paradise because they’re still Baptists and Pentecostals who bless one another, and along you come and destroy all of that in one fell swoop by posting where they have gone wrong, and that you don’t do gossip and high noon tea or believe the planet is square/flat/rectangular, nor that the NIV is actually the Bible.  I can go on, but I won’t.  Ya get the picture.

I still wonder if they repented of that lie.  Some people.  Honestly.  I just have to shake my head and laugh.

But as a saved person, I have learnt to integrate with people for the sole purpose of getting them saved by way of preaching the gospel.  It’s not integration to the degree that I fellowship with them.  I’m a rebel with a cause.

I was friends with a Mid-Acts Dispensationalist a few years back when I was newly saved, who sent her daughter to the local Baptist church for fellowship.  Her line of thinking was that it was better for her daughter to fellowship with a bunch of dunkers than with unbelievers – at least she would learn “something good” at the local Baptist church……  seriously?  In this case I’d rather not attend any assembly, especially an assembly of self-righteous dunkers who believe the wrong gospel.  The fact that they dunk is proof that they believe Israel’s Kingdom Gospel. Same woman adhered to the Berean Bible Society’s muddled doctrine – that Hebrews to Revelation applied to the Body of Christ today as she stated emphatically that faith without works was dead.  Even as a baby Christian I knew (because I believed) that Hebrew to Revelation was New Testament doctrine written to Israel.

Same woman eventually found a suitable church for her family (as you know, Mid-Acts assemblies are rather thin on the ground this side of the globe, and doctrinally sound Mid-Acts assemblies are non-existent), and what “suitable” assembly did she find to attend?  None other than the Berean Bible’s local church.   Stammites who swing both ways and who look to one’s behaviour to garner one’s spritual (salvation) status.  If I had to look to the flesh as confirmation of salvation, I would get it totally wrong, besides what does it say about me?

It’s the same with some Mid-Acts Dispensationalist tin foil hat specialists who will fly halfway across the world to seek happiness, to “feel good” about their lives on this planet, like their happiness depends on another human being.  I’ve learnt that if you aren’t satisfied with, or do not believe that God provides you as a believer with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places, you basically have nothing to look forward to and that your priorities are wrong. You are still seeking the things of this world.  If you try and avoid suffering as much as possible because of your beliefs, you might as well give up on being a Mid-Acts Dispensationalist as far as I am concerned.  Spiritual maturity takes time, it takes patience, it takes stamina.  One has to be strong in order to turn away from all the dung and all the purveyors of the dung.  And there are many.

I do not have an Assembly of believers that I can join each Sunday? and fellowship with.  I’m not saying that to have a pity party, nor am I seeking anyone’s condolences (shame, poor Audrey has no-one to fellowship with).  I am stating a fact.  I have looked high and low for one in the past, and I am not alone, there are many of us in the same boat around the world.  And when I say an Assembly of believers, I don’t mean just any old Mid-Acts assembly – I mean a doctrinally sound one who isn’t the same as a denominational church where they have the women’s group, the men’s group, the children’s group, the “nose out of joint group” or the bunny kissing, tree hugging group.

I have learnt that there is a difference between actually fellowshipping with or just talking to people and preaching the the gospel to them.  Sometimes it takes longer than one meeting to convince someone of the truth, one first has to show oneself to be friendly, then show interest in them as a person, then tell them what you believe and why.  I’ve been doing this with a certain person for the past two month and yesterday I “dropped the bomb” and as usual, it didn’t go down too well.

I think they’re convinced I belong to a cult lol.  The “unfriending” will basically come from their side, and I can see it already because “faith without works is dead”, remember? Said person reads their Bible every night and tries to be a “good” person.  Said person is elderly, 75 years old – so I would imagine that they’re very set in their beliefs, which are Calvinistic at best (the chosen people who can still make covenants with God).  Saved by race and not by grace.  My next option is to give them a name of a certain website, and then it will be sayanara I guess, and so I will go to the next person and so forth.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that no matter how bad I feel some days, how tired I am (because I feel tired most of the time these days), that I am never too tired to contend for sound Pauline doctrine or to uphold the gospel.  I am not bragging, it’s just that I believe what I believe with a passion.  Second isn’t good enough for me, and “almost the truth” just doesn’t feature in my life, so I don’t mind being alone for the rest of my life, at least I won’t have to argue with myself about the “empty Jesus theory”, or whether the earth is flat or round, square, rectangular or triangular, or that “the aliens and Illuminati coming to get us soon” lol.  I am blessed (lol) in the fact that I’ve always been a loner, so it doesn’t affect me as it would others who are afraid of being alone.  My nickname used to be “The Lone Ranger” by the way, I kid you not.

I am very analytical, I alike to analyse things, people, situations and teachings, and the older I get, the more analytical I become.  Being a loner and being an old folk myself, , I have time to analyse to my heart’s content.   I often sit at a coffee shop and look at people and analyse them, to the degree that some men think I’m giving them the “eye”, and their wives think so too (hahaha).  It’s hilarious to say the least.  He has his ego stroked by thinking it and she gets jealous.  Then the Pentecostal in them comes out, and they go home and post the following ditty on their fakebook page :  “Married men shouldn’t talk or fellowship with single women because why?  Because…… then they will have an affair, and this is how marriages break up”.  Something to that effect.   Who know.  Who cares.  Lady, if I wanted to chat your husband up, you would definitely know about it, believe me as I don’t do things in halves.

Others again seem to think  I’m jealous because they have a husband or a boyfriend and I don’t.  It’s unbelievable how small-minded most people are.  Seriously, if I wanted a husband or a boyfriend that badly, don’t you think I would’ve lowered my standards by now to obtain one?  Thanks, but really, no thanks – I don’t want one who looks remotely like a cartoon character and behaves like one too – I am not desperate.

There is however  a difference between being a loner and being a recluse.  I socialise when I need to and with an agenda (preaching the gospel and the truth of the word rightly divided), furthermore I don’t care to be tied to anyone who attends a certain church in Chicago, or someone who puts the Body of Christ squarely in Israel’s New Testament, or applies Israel’s Torah to the Body of Christ, neither do I care to attend a lost assembly of believers whose so-called preacher doesn’t know Jack Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

There are certain things that people do not know about me, so they apply their own thoughts and feelings to me in order to understand me, or try to understand me.  I admit that I don’t mind the thought of dying because I believe as a saved Mid-Acts Pauline, King James Believing Dispensationalist, my place in heaven is confirmed and that it goes without saying that it will be a vast improvement (the Apostle Paul calls it gain) on  life on this sick planet.  I am one of a kind in that I don’t try to be different, I am just different – and my son will vouch for that, and not only him, but people I know.  I am not tin foil hat crazy though.  I just won’t have the followng Mid-Acts Dispensationalists dictating to me:

Perverted Bible adherents (because they do not uphold God’s words)

Empty Jesus theorists (because they believe in another Jesus)

Romans 10:9ers (because they add to the Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4)

The 28ers who split the Gentiles in two (because this doctrine soon becomes a bigger lie)

Those who put 12 into the Body of christ (because it amounts to not rightly dividing the word of truth and soon you believe the entire Bible is written to you)

Those who split the elements of salvation like justification and reconciliation (because salvation is one easy step, it’s not a two step process where unbelievers gain reconciliation to God and then justification when they are saved, besides reconciliation to God doesn’t belong to unbelievers, it belongs solely to saved people who believe the gospel of Christ)

Those who split the elements of salvation like justification and sanctification of the spirit (because sanctification of the spirit isn’t by one’s own doing/works, it’s purely by what Christ did – it’s part of the gift of salvation, and we all know you cannot earn or buy a gift).  Once again, one cannot split salvation into more than one process.

If I do not understand certain scripture, I will seek out two (sound Pauline Mid-Acts teachers) on the internet, but apart from that, I will try to make sense of it myself – some of it doesn’t come easily at first, it can take months, but I don’t mind, it’s better than taking months undoing “the damage” of being a man pleaser and a proof-texter.  The satisfaction that comes with discerning difficult Bible verses through prayer and study  is priceless though.

I do however believe that the United Nations is implementing UN Agenda 21 worldwide, and one can see it happening before one’s very eyes, and that they are now accelerating the implementation thereof by way of UN Agenda 2030 – whether they will succeed remains to be seen, HOWEVER it is not my calling as a member of the body of Christ to fight it, it is my calling to preach the gospel and to see saints edified (and edifying myself in the process as well), and also to live peaceably with all men – which means that there won’t be peace in my life on this planet, it means that I should avoid strife or dissension, and a good example of that would be to avoid debating endlessly in groups or forums.  I am different in that I am what I am, I do not mince my words, I am a very forthright person, I do not pretend and I do not have two or more personas.  What you see is what you get.  If I do not agree with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I hate you or dislike you as a person.  I might think you’re ignorant or stupid, but still a nice person at the end of the day.  After all, stupid people can be nice and they can be funny.

Most however cannot discern between avoiding strife or dissension, or being put in the middle of it because of one’s beliefs and way of life as a Mid-Acts Pauline King James Believing Dispensationalist.   When one lives peaceably with all men (or tries to), one doesn’t debate endlessly on groups or forums on the internet, nor does one throw a firecracker in one’s neighbour’s yard because his dogs are barking the whole night, nor does one change one’s IP address to go incognito just to “get back at the lost Pentecostal who called you Raka” or whatever.

What I believe causes a lot of dissension and strife, especially amongst most other Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensationalists because most of them aren’t King James Bible believers for one, others believe in heresies (which I mentioned above), so I refuse to fellowship with them, the result being that they have a tendency to get personal.  Does it bother me?  It used to, but it doesn’t matter anymore either way because I know what the end result is, and that they’re not hurting me, they’re hurting themselves.  What makes me mad is how easily they are led around by the nose – I despise that, and I despise those who try to gather followers unto themselves.  It’s not right whichever way you look at it, that’s why I want people to THINK for themselves.


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