Bereans? Stablished according to the scriptures of the prophets?

Yes, unfortunately, you get them, i.e., the Mid-Acts Dispensationalists, also known as “Berean workmen” who can’t seem to work themselves out of denominationalism, the same can be said for those Mid-Acts Dispensationalists which are on a “higher level” because they see themselves as also being stablished according to Israel’s Old Testament scriptures/prophets.

It’s like the Apostle Paul never encountered unsaved Jews in his entire ministry, according to their theory, that is.

Who did he refer to the scriptures in those days?  The Gentiles who were far removed and didn’t have any part whasoever in Israel’s promises and covenants?  Nope.  And it goes without saying that if they were Jewish prostelytes, they weren’t Gentiles anymore, spiritually speaking that is.  They were converts to the faith – Jews, prostelytes.

There are Mid-Acts Dispensationalists so-called who even refer to the Gentiles saved under Israel’s covenant doctrine (past and future) who cannot discern between Gentiles saved under Israel’s prophetic programme, and Gentiles saved under Paul’s mystery programme.

Did God give the Gentiles the Torah to refer to in times past, could all Gentiles understand Israel’s promises, her Covenant with God – her doctrine, is that why the Apostle Paul referred unsaved, heathen Gentiles to the prophets and scriptures?  In Paul’s day, all the Gentiles had were his epistles.

The unsaved Jews, i.e., Bereans of Acts 17:11 searched the scriptures to corroborate what Paul was saying according to Christ’s death for our sins, burial and resurrection – HOW THAT He died, according to the scriputures, and that He was buried and rose again on the third day, according to the scriptures under the prophetic programme, but most Jews cannot see it, nor can they believe it, most of them deny it outright, what they also cannot see, and what they also deny outright is that He (the Lord Jesus Christ) is the son of God, even today – that is why one has to refer back to the OT prophets and scriptures – their Torah to confirm these facts personally, but unfortunately most knuckleheaded Mid-Acts Dispensationalists cannot see this as being the reason why the Apostle Paul referred to the scriptures of the prophetic programme, so they say Paul preached more than one gospel.

I don’t get angry at the blatant, continual ignorance anymore, I think it is funny now – because how ignorant can a person be and for how long – surely one must see the light sooner or later?

Apparently not

Some people are so stupid that they try and spite you with their stupidity – it’s like putting a gun to their heads and pulling the trigger (to spite you), but in effect they’re not spiting you, but instead they are spiting themselves – yet they cannot see it?

Dude, don’t do me any favours, okay?


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