Reconciling – present tense.  Verb.

Reconciled – past tense. Verb.

Reconciled by what?

The word of reconciliation.  Noun.

To wit – that is to say,

So, if a verse starts of with the words “to wit”, it makes (common) sense that one has to read what was stated before it, doesn’t one?, because it is gives an explanation, that is to say……. what?

The semi-colon in that verse is clear evidence/proof of what the Apostle Paul is saying………. in context, BUT, to back-up their horse-theory, better known as horse dung, some insist on quoting half a verse (2 Corinthians 5:19).  And so they go with the flow.   Then they absolutely freak out when I call them out on it.

Seriously dudes, noooooooo.  It surely provides a good giggle at the end of the day, and a shake of the head (my head, that is) in total shock that something so simple gets twisted and turned into a whole 1 hour video about reconcilation and justification.

Dear old Curt surely doesn’t know his rear end from his front end when it comes to discerning scripture, in fact, (and I say this in all sincerity and honesty) – I question the man’s salvation status, like I do with most Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensationalists, because most will tell you how they came to Right Division, not how they were saved, or which gospel saves their eternal souls.

The goofy doctrine makes me laugh – how they spend hours upon hours justifying their garbage, how they turn the Apostle Paul’s epistles into a “curriculum” that will give them a special title (earned by their own doing, not by Christ Himself, in other words, it isn’t a gift of God anymore).

But the fact that people are so totally enamoured by rot is totally gobsmacking.



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