I have never been so sick in a long, long time.  Although it was just an allergy, it was life-threatening in the aspect that the huge abscesses would become inflamed and turn into cellulits (deep tissue infection), which in turn would become sepsis (blood poisoning) the result being that the organs would be affected/infected – if not treated with anti-biotics, the end result would inevitably be death.

What I have realised time and time again is not to share anyone’s creams, lotions or personal grooming items such as emery boards, nail clippers, hair brushes, combs, cosmetics, etc – although that person shows no sign of disease/infection, they could be carriers.

Fingers are dipped into creams/lotions, and fingers are used to wipe around the tops of bottles or containers, even the lids.  Not every one has the same (bacterial) flora – one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Mine wasn’t caused by the reason mentioned above, but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind – to be extra careful.

I’ve been having this for almost a year now – since November last year, and I cannot take any more antibiotics because I will become resistant.  I have already been on about 13 or 14 course already – some really hectic ones that would probably kill entire cities lol.

We all have staph and strep bacteria living on our skins – it’s natural, part of being human, it’s part of our flora, and no amount of washing or use of anti-bacterial soaps can get rid of these bacteria.  When my skin got irritated by the use of soaps (there were only 2 brands I could use, and then not even), shampoo, lotions, creams, etc, staph took the opportunity to enter the “injury” and cause havoc.

It was painful, and it made me feel so ill I felt like dying.  I was tired of continually seeing the tell tale large, hard, red lumps on my skin, as soon as one disappeared (with the use of antibiotics), another would soon appear), and I would relive the entire scenario over and over again.  They appeared under my arms, one on my thigh, one on my head, two on my eye, a few in my nose, so when they swelled up, I looked like Quasi Modo.

Since using alternate products to wash and shampoo with – I haven’t got any more – and it’s such a huge relief.   I feel normal again.  After all Hippocrates used Apple Cider Vinegar to disinfect wounds, it worked for him and it works for me, apart from that, it returns your skin to its correct pH balance.

Thanks for praying for my strength, I appreciate it very much.



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