You know those whose mantra is “can’t we all just get along”.

I used to come across that phrase or ditty quite often when I mingled with mainline denominationalists when I was a lost person, and I still encounter it in the Grace Movement quite often, unfortunately.

Lazy people.

The same who believe in the Cult of Personality.

You know, the ones who befriend those who are “nice” to them irrespective of their doctrinal beliefs.

It shows you where their priorities lie, namely –

Friendship/fellowship above doctrine.

Followers of the Apostle Paul?



The Apostle Paul tells us to adorn sound doctrine. Titus 2:10

Brother Dean Hewitt showed me that one ūüôā as he always used to remark on certain people and their posts, in fact, he didn’t hold out much hope for most in the Grace Movement because he said their itsy, bitsy feelwings and emotions held sway over them, he was also under the impression that certain “Gracers” weren’t saved because of the gospel they believed, and the fact that they added Romans 10:9 to Paul’s gospel – like a certain Right Division Church I used to attend in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where one had to go to the front of the church and confess with one’s mouth that Jesus was Lord and that you believed in Him, same church was anti-denominationalism, same church held Cornelius Stam’s belief system and quoted and believed that some of Israel’s Old Covenant, as well as her New Covenant was applicable to saved people today.

They quote and apply Israel’s psalms, they quote and apply the Prophets God sent to Israel in their unbelief and apostasy, they quote and apply Hebrews, but they do not believe that signs, wonders and miracles are in force today. ¬†Discerning Bible blenders (Aw, go-on, just apply it all to yourself….).¬† They also believe in eternal security. ¬†Belief in the wrong gospel + eternal security. ¬†Do you think they are saved? ¬†I don’t. ¬†They haven’t acooking¬† clue that 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 is the gospel that saves men’s souls today – never preached it, never quoted it, never applied it, never believed it, never received it. ¬†And neither did I in those days because I had never heard it, all I know was that I would have needed someone to hunt me down first, then capture me and drag me to the front of that so-called church to “confess with my mouth”, otherwise I would rather have swam in nuclear waste. ¬†I wasn’t one for walking the aisle or “going up front”. ¬†So I didn’t. ¬†I hate attention or being in the spotlight. ¬†It equates to self-flagellation.

Hang around with these purveryors and behavioural specialists long enough and it’s like hanging around with denominationalists, soon your priorities shift and you believe that one needs to look at others’ behaviour to discern whether they are saved or not. ¬†And soon you will be thinking/believing that there is something wrong with you when you call them out on their error – after all, “polite, good, “saved” people aren’t “rude and obnoxious” (enough) to call others out on their error. ¬†Let’s just all get along”. ¬†Easy peasy, just getting along. ¬†Somehow it never appealed to me. It’s like having high noon tea and raising your pinky while sipping your tea out of the dainty cup – no-one knows why they do it – perhaps to create the “right impression”. ¬†But a pig wearing lipstick is still…….. a pig.

Lazy people also have the mantra of “let’s agree to disagree, as long as we are all saved, and as long as we all believe in Jesus, that’s all that matters at the end of the day”. ¬†Woohoo, let’s have a big “pat on the back and high five” party.

Lazy people don’t want to study and know the truth. ¬†The truth is too harsh for their feelwings (as Dean used to say). ¬†So they think adorning the doctrine means posting little Bible verses decorated with flowers, birds, trees babies, old folk and glitter. ¬†That’s how they adorn the doctrine…… ¬†easy peasy, no offence given, no offence taken. ¬†When the wind blows to the right, they lean to the right, when it blows to the left, yep, they’re leaning to the left, this way they don’t have to think, their thinking is done for them by their “teachers” who churn out their videos like slot machines at casinos.

Dean told me (as a matter of interest, so that I could see where unsound doctrine eventually takes a person – the final result of their warped beliefs) , to watch certain people – he named names – and I can see he was absolutely right.

One he named in particular went off to be a follower of Martin Richling and unfriended me “for not having the same beliefs as her” lol – thanks for leaving. ¬†I was tickled pink by her thinking that she’d eventually “discovered the truth”, and the fact that she could never understand certain basic Pauline truths- never, not even when explained to her in the simplest of terms, hence we questioned her belief/unbelief in the gospel. ¬†The Apostle Paul says unsaved men and women cannot discern spiritual things – there’s your answer.

The other person Dean mentioned, who always ran after a new thing. ¬†She also questioned the saving power of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. ¬† She wasn’t grounded, stablished, nor was she ever satisfied ¬†somehow- to her, there always had to be “something better”, i.e., something new, “something that would prove sound doctrine of the Apostle Paul wrong” because she was in rank unbelief and still is. ¬†“He didn’t mean that, he meant this”, all the while ignoring the English grammar and punctuation. ¬†In other words, she wanted it to mean “this” so that it would fit in with her warped beliefs and unbelief. ¬†Where is she today? ¬†Part of the “specially elected crowd”, the elite who believe that they can gain joint-heirship with Christ through their WORKS, they even disjoin spiritual sanctification and justification (both of which are God-given when one is saved). ¬†Another who has “eventually come to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. ¬†Saved by right division, not by the gospel.

I unfriended her because I couldn’t stand her tin-foil hat insanity. Far out man, far out.¬† ¬†It’s like she was flailing around with a blindfold on, rejecting the light on purpose. ¬† In this instance, I thanked myself for leaving. ¬†She too couldn’t discern basic Pauline truths – unsaved man cannot discern spiritual things.

It’s gobsmacking how many are in rank UNbelief, those who call themselves Mid-Acts, Pauline Dispensationalists.

These days, when I want to “stalk” them (wink), I have to build up courage first because I never know how they’re going to shock me with their upside down, far-out, wacky, goofy beliefs/theories, yet there are their friends who apply the theory of “plod along” (because it feels safe) and “amen” their idiocy at every turn. ¬†Why do ignorant people have so many followers? ¬†Probably because they’re “nice” people. ¬†Proof that the Cult of Personality holds sway.

Closing your posts to the public suits me fine too – that way I don’t have to see you sink further and further into the doctrinal quagmire. ¬†Nothing gained and nothing lost as far as I’m concerned- one day you will answer for it.

Brother Dean was right.  I wish he were still around today to supply the jokes to it all Рit lightened the load.

The further one sinks into unsound doctrine, the further it takes you from the truth – that much is obvious, what you will have at the end of the day is an entire plethora of wacky followers who support you and think your (strange) beliefs are the best thing since sliced bread. ¬† So in essence – you haven’t gained much,

Plod along.





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