I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – we need to offend people with/for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons.

We need to offend them with sound Pauline doctrine, the word of truth rightly divided – 2 Timothy 2:15 – Authorised King James Bible.

We need to offend them with with the Authorised King James Bible as opposed to using/quoting out of perverted Bible versions.

We need to offend them with the gospel that saves men’s souls today – 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

We need to offend them with being followers of the Apostle Paul, and so followers of the ascended Christ – 1 Corinthians 11:1

We need to offend by not accepting second best, by not associating with Bible blenders, hereticks, unbelievers and those with questionable personal lives.

Personally, I get offended by herd mentality, people who do not listen to anyone other than their pastors and literally worship the ground they walk on.

You know how difficult it is preaching sense/truth into a dyed-in-the-wool Apostolic Faith Mission adherent?  Follows Christ according His earthly ministry, as well as the 12 Apostles, hence the name “Apostolic Faith Mission”, thinks good people go to heaven, bad, greedy ones don’t.    It truly grates me no end.   Falls into silence when I start talking about the Apostle Paul and his doctrine, as well as being saved by faith alone in Christ’s finished work and His resurrection, like I’m some type of cult bunny.  Mentions a specific person who is going to land up in hell because she is so greedy for money…… said person has a problem actually listening to what I have to say.  I call it convenient deafness.  My hunch tells me said person is very manipulative, but cannot get their logistics right concerning their tactics – I can see right through their human nature/rottenness because self-righteousness means zero to me.  I am not impressed by charm, ego stroking, and nice (empty) words, nor am I impressed by people who “go to church every Sunday, and “pastor this, and pastor that” and name drop like their lives depended on it and think that organising the next ladies’ tea session/conference will add another 10 points onto their “get into heaven” score card.

Second example, a family member who used to quote the fact that church-goers “prey on man Monday to Saturday, and pray to God on Sundays”, is now a Church of England adherent, or is it Methodism?  Actually, I think this person is now a Methodist.  Saved by one’s own good behaviour, thinks Israel is still “God’s people”, has changed personality, hence the term “born-again”, and well, let’s just say I don’t really know this person anymore – the facade that has been put up cannot be penetrated.  I’m dealing with one of them that “adorn the doctrine”, which mainly belongs to Israel with flowers, glitter, babies, old folk, rainbows, kittens, puppies and scenery, and “loves” everyone – – – until they’re mean to them, then they fail to turn the other cheek or suffer for their beliefs – then one is dealing with a ogre who “because they are a Christian, doesn’t mean people can walk all over them” – –  but Jesus said to turn the other cheek, right?  And to love one’s enemies, right?

Since I posted why “born-again Christians” are as scarce as hen’s teeth today – things have become a tad silent on Fakebook of late.  I think, I know I have offended someone with the truth – and I wasn’t even rude, smart or sarcastic   😉

I offend people with my total disregard of xmas, valentine’s day, easter, halloween, etc, mind you, they really feel sorry for me….. which is rather ironic.  I even received a special invite for xmas lunch – preached the gospel upon arrival – and there are no more invites lol.  Ah well, no turkey for me this year, sorry old chap, it’s rather like going cold turkey.

Show utter contempt for these “holydays/holidays” and even the Grace believers pull out the cudgels and “go hammer and tongs” at you for being a legalist.  It always amuses me how some/most cannot/are unable to cut the “xmas twee” umbilical cord, not to mention the easter cord or the valentine’s day cord – I think they have more than one belly button.  The ties run deep.

People feel sorry for you because you do not waste your money on futile gift buying along with the mall masses, drinking oneself into a total stupor, eating oneself absolutely silly and partying until the cows have gone home twice and still counting.  Been there, done that, printed the T-shirt on the back and front.

It’s about glorifying God, actually.  One cannot glorify God by behaving like a heathen, nor can one glorify Him by celebrating something that was created and put into place by the god of this world no matter how much one proof-texts one’s way through Pauline scripture.

I’m surrounded by self-righteous church attending “good people”, so-called Christians, who will tell you how to behave, and with the next breath, tell you how good they are, and they cannot see it when they are bad.   One minute they are behaving like decent people, the next minute they’re greedy, then the next minute they’re telling you how THEIR prayers healed someone.   It’s all about themselves, God only features when He can back up their goodness.  Then along you come and they don’t know where to place you, but after much thought on their part, the word cult somehow puts credence to their warped mindset.   So it’s the Jehovah’s Witness then the Mormons and then there’s you, and not necessarily in that order.  Mind made up, a black mark is put against your name and you are officially considered to be persona n0n-grata because you are blaspheming the Holy Ghost by not believing in the sign gifts.

One can only surmise what they are thinking – that you’re on your way to hell.  It never ceases to amaze me how the god of this world has turned things around – the Christians who aren’t actually Christians are considered the Christians, and the true Christians are considered the filth of this world, the offscouring.  Of course, the god of this world’s religions are acceptable in this world and seen as the way, the life and the truth – it goes without saying.

When unbelievers and topsy turvy Grace believers start seeing me as acceptable, that’s when I will start being concerned, that’s when I will start worrying, because it will mean that I have morphed into just another sheep.

Furthermore, I love the idea of not having to celebrate with the masses and join in on the herd mentality.   My late mother always used to say, “if Peter jumps into the fire, does that mean you will too?”  Her point was valid and still is.




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