You won’t be able to change it.

It will only get worse.

It’s fruitless trying to change a world ruled by the devil, i.e., the god of this world.

Therefore the emphasis should be put on God’s grace in this current dispensation, not the rottenness of this world, because it’s rottenness is plain for all to see, what is different however, is how people perceive it, most perceive the rottenness of this world to be good, others perceive it in a way that it can be changed by politicians, religious leaders, their own as well as others’ doing (good works) or that God (if they believe He exists) will rescue them from its suffering and evil by giving them a good (fleshly) life.

I do not envy any rich person on this planet because they have an average of 80 years of “good living” before they reach an eternity of hell because the majority are not saved.

I do not envy anyone in respect to their lives on this planet – both saved and unsaved because I am who I am and I am satisfied with that.

I do not envy any famous person on this earth because it is not my motive to be famous.  I have lived my life and it is what it is, the pinnacle of my life on this earth is the fact that I am a saved person and that is all that matters.

I look forward to the future – I know who I really am.


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