Hey! If you only come on here to spy out my grammatical and/or spelling errors – good luck, you’ll find plenty – I’m not perfect, especially in that I think faster than what I can type.


I wonder to myself, why………..

if you are so intelligent,

Why you do not get the gist of what I’m saying?

But my thoughts and feelings on the matter is this :

Even uneducated people can be saved and won’t be ashamed at the Judgment Seat of Christ because they have more “snoggin” than what you will ever have even though they’re not English Grammar teachers.

Not everyone is an English snob, and not everyone professes to be a “living in the fourth dimension” by their own good works, tree talking, bunny hugging, tin foil specialist who thinks they can correct the wrongs of this world –

You’re an American, and Americans do not speak the Queen’s English, in fact they leave all the U’s out of words and they cannot spell or say the word ALUMINIUM, and petroleum gas to them  is gas which is actually petrol(eum) and gas is gas – the stuff you cook with.  Want to know which words you leave the U’s out of?  Tumour is a good example, so is humour.  Another word is programme which is spelled as program.  Those U’s are present in the King James Bible that you profess to adhere to.  Am I being pitiful?  Yes.  Now you know what it’s like……

By the way,  if you think you can come against the god of the world himself and change the world – good luck, because he’ll probably have seen to it that Donald Trump and Nikita who so happens to be half his age, rule the world 🙂

No man is able or will be able to change the way things are in our society as we’re going all the way downhill………….. to the tribulation, but as members of the body of Christ, we won’t be present to see the mess.

The times are evil, and there isn’t much time left, yet some think it’s important to argue that 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 isn’t the gospel, when in fact that’s exactly what the Apostle Paul says it is because he preaches it once again to the Corinthians.

Haven’t you got any cookies to bake, organic chickens to buy, kids to take to school, coffee to swill or places to see instead of showing off your ignorance for all to see?


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