The way I was saved, was through my mind…..

…… trying to prove some people wrong (and a lot of them were wrong), and by trying to prove what I believed was right.

So how did it work out for me?

I proved not only that all the people I had been associating with were wrong, but I also proved that what I believed was wrong, even though it was different to what they believed.

Not one of them could tell me the reason why the Apostle Paul and the Apostle James differed in doctrine, no matter how they twisted scripture or proof-texted their way around it, after all, it said what it said.

Once I had realised my salvation by believing the Gospel of Christ as per 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, I didn’t stop there, I could clearly see that those who believed, and who adhered to perverted Bible versions had the tendency to blend the Bible as well, apart from the fact that they didn’t have a final authority, i.e., the King James Bible.

Secondly, I went on to rightly divide the Grace Preachers and Teachers too.  I made up my mind who I was and who I wasn’t going to associate with purely by what doctrine they espoused.   Nothing personal, it’s your goofy doctrine.

Thirdly, I didn’t want to associate with any “rock star” Mid-Acts Dispensationalists, no matter how good their (immature) intentions were.   After all, rock stars are mostly drug addicts, drink like fish and live by the world’s standards,  Sex, drugs and rock n roll is something a believer shouldn’t aspire to.

I moved away from the herd which is made up of rock stars, proof-texters, Bible blenders, Bible-less, final authority-less, grafted in, Facebook , cake baking (my cake is better than yours – pity my doctrine isn’t), I have a husband and you don’t, Christ gave up his deity attributes, bunny hugging, tree talking,,,,,,,, totally wacked out Pauline dispensationalists.

These are the things that MATTER to them, which mean absolutely diddly squat in my life :  rock stars, Bible blending, Bible perversions, people who don’t have a Bible, Facebook or social media, cake baking (I can, but I don’t because it’s not important in my life), ahusband (because I’m too old), and sad, bad, ugly doctrine espoused by those who call themselves Mid-Acts, rightly dividing dispensationalists.

When you call out these people on their error, they call you out on your personal life, namely “you don’t have a husband” shame, weep, weep, cry, bash your head against the wall, it’s such a stigma, end of the world scenario, blah, blah, blah”.  They give you the “you’re an attractive woman, so if you do not have a husband, there is something wrong with you” schpiel.

Yeah, there’s something wrong with me indeed :  I don’t want a two-bit, rear end kissing, Richard Jordan-Cornelius Stam-Berean Bible Society-Chicago-water dunking-soon-to-be-Jehovah’s Witness, Curt Crist, spineless husband who couldn’t study himself out of a plastic container filled with Bible verses, thank you.  I hope that solves the problem forevermore.   Some of us do prefer the way we are, not all of us want to be unhappy.  I do not need anyone’s acceptance, nor do I need anyone’s approval.  Deal with it.  If I do not like these people, how do you expect me to live with them or even marry or associate with them.  Get real.

Have a super-duper day and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


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