You know it isn’t, but they believe it is


I believed that once, even stuck the stickers to the windows of my house since my husband used to travel away on business and I was alone at home.  Did it make me sleep better?  No, I was still afraid, only convincing myself that nothing would happen would make me feel better – but not really.    I suffered from sleep deprivation.

Yet you see it today – on cars, vans, houses, etc.

False hope, false expectations.


Many probably drive past to get a glimpse of what Jesus looks like, but all they see is a flesh and bone human being, probably puffing on a cigarette, who is prone to causing accidents.  Makes one wonder if the car is involved in an accident – where Jesus was?  Wasn’t he supposed to be driving?  Maybe he’s a Mexican and his name is Jesus da Silva.  Who knows?

Unsaved people committing blasphemy by saying the Lord Jesus is driving their car.


They are very prone to saying this, but they do not know where they are in the Bible, they don’t know what the gospel of their salvation is, and they follow Christ according to His earthly ministry.

Strange how unsaved people give God all the glory, but He has nothing to do with anything they do – they aren’t even in His will.

We live in a very politically correct society.  One isn’t allowed to say much of what is true, one has to rather sugar coat things, one word that made me shake my head is how people talk today – when one meets or visits another person, you are “bonding” with them.  That makes me want to barf.  No dude, I am visiting/talking to someone, and my name isn’t “deary”, “sweety”, “darling” or “lovey”.  My mother gave me a name – I know it’s difficult for tree talking bunny huggers, but use it ss I don’t answer to anything else, and no, that doesn’t mean I’m a “horrible” person – it means I’m forthright and realistic.

I never spoke baby language to my son, so he didn’t grow up with “twee” (tree), “doggy” or “kitty” – that’s why he didn’t have to adjust when he started his schooling.  He had nicknames yes, and he was loved, yes and very much so and he knows it.

Hence the reason I do not get on with shallow human beiings – they’re stuck on their ego’s and how they are perceived by others – calling someone else “sweety” scores them 100 brownie points, whereas “sugar” scores another 50 brownie points.

I’m not in the “impress anyone” business.  I am what I am, I’m not going to change my personality to suit the herd.   Just think how difficult that must be – they all look the same and sound the same, and definitely think the same.

I’ll preach the gospel to anyone and everyone who wants to listen though – the real gospel, i.e., 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.    I’ll even preach it to the herd – especially the herd.


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