Which part of…..

…… 1 Timothy 2:12 do some not understand?

I do not want to teach men, I don’t see myself as a teacher neither.

I am studying, and as much as others learn (or maybe not), I learn too.

I’ve always made notes when studying – I cannot study without writing or jotting down notes – my hands have to be kept busy, even when watching the IDIOT box.  I can’t sit still like a zombie and read – then I’ll fall asleep.

So if anyone wants to pass a snide comment and state that “she thinks she’s a teacher”, seriously dude – NO.  Stop being simple-minded.

It’s all about motive – some come on here to “spy out my liberty” lol – that’s become a cliche, others come here to criticise, others come here to check out my grammar and spelling lol, while others, think I’m anti Mid-Acts, others do not have a cooking clue what this blog is about – like I get replies, “John 3:16 isn’t the gospel????” Which shows me some do not know how to read, or perhaps it’s actually because men who are still in the flesh are unable to discern spiritual things.  Others come on here to garner something to gossip about……….. and gossip they do, but………….. tell someone who cares.

Me thinks I is the chagrin of many a male chauvinist out there – they cannot stand me.  Tell someone who cares…….. My life isn’t driven by men’s opinions or who likes/doesn’t like me.

Anyway, back to what I was saying :

But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

The silence part belongs in a church assembly, and since this isn’t an assembly of saints, and I’m not the Pastor – it doesn’t fit.  Nice try, but no cigar.  I’m not a butch feminist by far – I’m feminine, quietly spoken and shy, I wear dresses, I have long hair, I wear make-up and paint my nails, I can cook and bake, but I can also fix things around the house, and I’m very independent.  So suck it up buttercup.

So the feminist/butch women thing does fit in instances where so-called ordained ministers of certain “churches” have a “flock”.  You know, of sheep – that kinda says it all, and the so-called ordained minister is a woman.   When the so-called female ordained minister takes authority over men – guess what happens?  You get many a very unhappy man who feels he has been cuckolded and emasculated to the highest degree.

But in today’s politically correct society where “women are equal to men” – I guess this could well happen :  (in a very perverted sense, that is) –

1 Timothy 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

Since everyone has now come out of the closet, and it’s perfectly acceptable for those of the homosexual persuasion to be ministers and pastors of apostate churches, it goes without saying that some women could well be the husband of one wife, and they are.

Unsaved, religious people who behave and look the part of Christians, who speak like Christians, whose flesh “is saved” according to their own “good” works, working themselves into heaven on a daily basis, praying to a God they don’t know (because if they did, they would know His will for today), unsaved, religious people who have money, power and authority in a world ruled by the god of this world.  It fits.

The irony of it all today is, the unsaved religious pray more than actual saved people, although their prayer is totally warped – asking for the wrong things, praying the wrong way.  No-one knows how to behave better than an unsaved, religious person because they believe their behaviour gets them into heaven.  My jaw fell to the floor when one stated that if you do not behave the part (of a Christian), you aren’t saved.

That’s the best way to control people – knock them on their behaviour and watch most of them fall in line.  It never worked with me though, I did exactly the opposite, so they reckoned me hopeless.

These people are in total bondage, everyday is a struggle to become a “better person”.  And they fall at every turn – imagine the guilt.  I know.  Been on many guilt trips in the past.  The truth is, they will never get it right because they don’t have the unction.

Imagine sitting your entire life in a church, praying, giving to the poor, sipping wine and munching on a wafer, repenting of the bad things (you remember doing), giving up alcohol, stop smoking……… and you land up in hell for eternity.

That’s the truth, and people need to hear it.

I remember giving the gospel to someone and their answer was – “it’s not so simple, and no I cannot believe that by just having faith in Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s cross and His resurrection will save me”.

“There’s got to be more to it…….” which inevitably believes – one has to work, but some see it as hard work (and rightly so), so they couldn’t be bothered as they want to enjoy their lives – go on a pleasure cruise now and die later and hope for the best when that happens.

Simple faith.

Simplicity in Christ

in a crazy, messed up, difficult, evil and complicated world.






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