There are certain conditions (for want of a better word/description) for lost people, who because of these “conditions” fail to see themselves as hellbound sinners:

The religious lost
The wealthy lost.
The poor lost.
The educated lost
What do all of these people have in common?

The majority are under the impression that they are good people, that being a good person gets one into heaven, or at the very least, they will die being “good” people who others speak well of long after they have passed on.

The religious lost are some of the most difficult people to tell that they are sinners in need of a Saviour because they are under the mistaken impression they have “found God”, so not necessary to preach the gospel to them (so they think). Their being “blessed” is proof of their salvation status (so they think). They fall under the banner of the christian lost or any of the other false religions.

The wealthy lost are under the mistaken impression that their money is all. Donating to charity is everything because it proves they are good people, they therefore do not see themselves as hellbound sinners. Doing good = going to heaven (in certain instances, if they believe there is a heaven and if there is a God, otherwise they are just good people with a good reputation to maintain, having great social responsibilities = earthly fame, they will be remembered).

The poor lost, those who call themselves christians have a Lazarus complex, i.e., their poverty stands them is good stead for automatic entrance into heaven, they therefore do not see themselves as hellbound sinners. For the poor lost who aren’t religious, life is so difficult on this earth, they think there is no God because if there were a God they wouldn’t be in the predicament they are in. No God = no hell, therefore don’t see themselves as hellbound sinners.

The educated lost do not believe there is a God, that Man doesn’t live forever. They have received a modern, anti-God education. Atheists who believe the big bang theory. These people are “good” because they like to have their tail feathers stroked. “You don’t have to believe in God to be a good person”.

Most of everyone sees themselves as not being in need of a Saviour. Most are offended when you tell them they are sinners, most will tell you they cannot help being born the way they were, therefore it isn’t their fault, so why should they be degraded to the level of sinner? After all, isn’t this the status rightly given to murderers, rapists, bank robbers, pedophiles and thieves? Aren’t they the hellbound sinners?

Most of these people go by the saying, “do you know who I am?”, which, translated means : “I am a somebody”, read :
“I am a preacher/teacher who attended Bible School”, “I am a Professor”, “I am an educated person with a degree”, “I have millions”, “I have nothing, I am poor, but I will inherit the earth one day”, “I am a doctor”, “I am a scientist”, “I am related to Mother Theresa, didn’t Paul say that if my family believes on the Lord Jesus Christ they and their families would be saved?”, “I continually repent of my sins”, “I live a good life”, “I donate to charity”, “I fight abortion”, “I work in the soup kitchen”, “There is more than one path to God”, “I don’t believe there’s a God, but I’m a good person anyway”, “I have converted to ________”, “I keep the Leviitcal and Mosaic law”, “I only eat fish on Fridays”, “I don’t eat pork”, “I am a Missionary”, “I am a good citizen”, “I don’t drink, take drugs or cuss”, “I attend every prayer meeting, as well as church every Sunday”, “I am a family man”, “I am a good husband/wife”. “I am a Jew, I am chosen”.

In essence what they are saying is that their conscience doesn’t bother them, and if it does, they appease it by thinking/talking/making known all the good they do/have done. In most cases their consciences are seared because they continually overlook the “prompts”, so they deny they are totally depraved beings in need of a Saviour.

I recall how my conscience bothered me prior to my salvation, I knew I was no good, I knew I couldn’t stop sinning no matter how much I tried, trying to be a good person and singing my own praises (as most people out there do : sing their own praises) made me feel like a hypocrite – who was I trying to fool? No-one but myself. In fact now that I am saved (no longer a sinner), I still haven’t refrained from sinning (in my flesh). I do however know my spirit man, my innerman is saved and that I still live in this corrupt, earthly body, in a sin cursed world, but I also know that my flesh has to eventually be brought under subjection of my saved spirit man. I will however never be perfect whilst I am clothed in this earthly suit.

One thing I have however realised is that at times one needs to let go of certain people and certain situations, to have the courage and strength to turn around and walk away because one’s conscience is pricked, and if you ignore it, you will live to regret it.

You cannot make a (self) righteous human being believe the gospel if he doesn’t see himself as being a hellbound sinner. Especially in today’s politically correct world where you aren’t allowed to distinguish between homosexual or straight, good or evil, lost or saved (we are all One, remember?). Our world is about diversification, you can see it in films that have recently been released, the underlying genre being, “Tow the line, fall in line, it’s the only way we will accomplish world peace, rebellion in any form will not be tolerated”.

We’ve moved from having a common enemy, namely communism, to having a common enemy of Islam, which will soon “push” us into accepting Fascism as the answer for all our ills. World domination where peoples’ lives are micro-managed in the name of peace and love. It used to be christianity vs communism, though said christianity wasn’t christianity at all, today it’s “Islam is a religion of peace”, but there is no peace, and soon it will be, “Because you are like vermin on the earth (Man), we will have no choice but to destroy you if you do not fall in line in order to save the planet”. I’d say it’s a world almost ripe and ready to accept a charismatic leader, namely the Antichrist. The conditioning of the mind comes first, i.e., the mindset must change, then the implemenation of whatever system is built upon the foundation of the altered mindset, which is a Godless mindset.

It is for this reason why I am under the impression that it will soon be illegal to preach the gospel, because you will not be allowed to call lost people lost, nor sinners, nor state that they are hellbound for eternity. I can see it : “Prove we are sinners and are hellbound”, so you pull out your Bible (which will in all likelihood be illegal too) – and yes….. do I need to say more? Pauline Christianity doesn’t fit into any diversification plan because we as saved people must not fellowship with unbelievers, nor can we refrain from being the light of the world, i.e., preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to lost people (1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

In today’s world, the amount of people who are just totally skewed like “Caitlin” for example, those who believe in alternate methods of “healing” (spiritual and physical), not to mention those who still believe that God still physically heals peoples’ bodies today, the cold bloodedness of others, the total disregard for human life, the hunger for power and money and status, the amount of false converts, the deception, the arrogance, the fear, the injustices in this world are just overwhelming at times.

The Romans of old were the “somebodies” of Paul’s day. Some of them so happened to be Jews too. They lived in an empire which ruled the world, they had their own gods, their temples, in general, life was good for them, that is why Paul preached to them that irrespective of their knowledge and religion, they were depraved hellbound sinners whose belief system which had been set aside, that they were concluded in unrighteousness, sin along with the rest of humanity, meaning they too needed a Saviour. A good example of these “good people” today who are somebodies would be wealthy movie stars who have millions in the bank, do good works by way of charity work for the UN. Try and tell a person like this they are a hellbound sinner and what do you expect the outcome to be?

In most instances, you cannot tell a somebody they are in fact a nobody. You can, but whether you will succeed in convincing them is entirely another matter. So you need to try another approach with these people, if their consciences haven’t been seared.

To me, having one’s conscience seared is like having your warning system removed, and with those who are saved, this means over-riding something that bothers you – ignoring what your mind is telling you when it comes to certain issues, so the next time you do it, it will bother you less and eventually it won’t bother you at all, and your mantra will become, “so what, I am saved”.

Religious peoples’ conscience bother them to a certain degree, so they try to appease it with good works or repenting of their sins, this keeps them on a permanent path of doing good works in order to save their souls. Eventually they run out of fuel or stamina (consciences become seared), then they only do good works in public to keep up pretenses.

The only reason why the majority turn to religion is to appease their consciences, but in the long run it doesn’t work, ask me, I know. It’s okay for the first few years, but then the glitter and glamour wears off. So you either live your life lying to yourself, claiming to be living in faith by continually reinforcing your “blessings”, or you turn away from it all in one of two ways: you either turn totally away from God and do not want anything more to do with religion, church, pastors/teachers or christians, or (b) you continue to look for the truth because you realise the mainline brand of christianity is built on a foundation of sand.


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