Men think they need to be terribly macho to impress women, AND always be right.

There is nothing attractive about a man who gossips and backstabs women, not to mention the using of verbal abuse.

In fact I am of the opinion that most men cannot handle rejection.

Being a gentleman means turning around and walking away from conflict (with a woman), it means not being right but giving the woman the benefit of the doubt.   After all, it takes more courage to keep quiet, and turn around and walk away than get involved in a cat fight.

Manners maketh man.

Men who expect women to grovel and submit to their (unreasonable) demands are totally offputting.  Women walk by your side, not behind you, nor in front of you (and aren’t your doormat).

If you do not want to be emasculated – stop behaving like a jerk.  Women run on emotion – accept it.

There is nothing more grotesque than a muscleman who looks good until he opens his mouth and spews profanities.  There is nothing uglier than a macho man who can slice and dice ten bricks with his bare hands but has the IQ of a frozen pea because he shoots his mouth off at very turn.  *Doesn’t think*.  Seriously dude, like it matters to me that you want to beat XYZ person up.  Whatever happened to the civilised way of doing things?  “Nah, jes beet him up”.

I’ve crossed paths with old men of 75 who sing their own praises by going around saying, “Look at me, I’m 75, but you’ll never say it!”, and I’m like………. “Seriously dude? from under which rock did you crawl?”  If you’re old – accept it graciously, after all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being old, I see it rather as being a feather in one’s cap.  It’s something to be proud of, so don’t go and ruin it by behaving like an idiot.  People aren’t blind.  Stupid maybe, but blind?  No.

If you have a wife, you need to love her like your own body.  Stand up for her.  Make her feel like a Queen and not a dragon.  It absolutely grates me that men can literally “feed their wives to the wolves” and let her fight her own battles.

And she isn’t your servant.  So thank her for cooking for you, doing your laundry, and doing the shopping.

We all make mistakes – all of us.  The remedy is to realise it and correct it and not let your pride get in the way.

I’ve also come across men who marry just to have someone cook for them, do their laundry, wash the dishes and do the shopping.  Seriously, dude – you actually are in need of a housekeeper/maid and not a wife.

If you want to be treated like a king – behave like one and not a hooligan.

Personally, I have nothing against men, I just have a lot against thugs, hooligans and momma’s boys who talk to you and treat you like you’re their male buddy who has the manners of an alley cat.




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