ONE CAN SEE THE ( ) IN THIS COUNTRY – JUST LIKE ONE SEES THE ( ) IN MOST OTHER COUNTRIES, if not all of them – it is just obvious in different respects

Fill in the blank.

I call it lack of savvy, ambition, jacking yourself up with the thought that if you aren’t going to help yourself, no-on else will.

Wanting free education, and if you don’t get your way – you turn it into a political issue.  Turn to arson, looting, assault – as I said – fill in the blank.

Some people don’t want to be free or accept their “freedom”.  They are/were brought up with a mindset that everyone owes them.   Life isn’t easy by any account, but if you want a world endorsed education – get a bank loan or save – like the rest of us had to do.  Or find a part-time job.  An honest day’s work never killed anyone.

Is anyone arrested for arson and looting?  No.  Which brings me to the idea that some things are instigated and inspired by those who go under the banner of communism.  If you cannot lay your (filthy) hands on the country’s treasury – simply trump up charges agains the Minister of Finance, after all, you need to keep your 5 wives living in the lap of luxury and happy……

UN agenda 21 states one has to break down the old to institute the new (mindset and way of life).

Micro-dotting for vehicles?  Yep, we have that too.   As far as I know no other country has it at the moment where it’s law.   Continuous roadblocks, as in more than once a week on the same road – yes, we have that too.

Doctors?  Yup.  Doctors.   Consult them and they keep an eye on the clock.  Any question/s concerning your health are either seen  as lame, or they don’t have time because you’re “far too clever” for them, whereas they’ve received a (world inspired) education of approximately 10 years, hence the puffed up ego.    Today’s doctors are on a power trip – we no longer have doctors who actually care for people.  It’s all about the buck today.


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