Two names.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

If those are your two choices for the next POTUS…….. it’s a sure sign of how low we’ve sunk.

It’s like being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.  Heads, you lose, tails, you lose too.

What a predicament.

One the one side you have an embarrasing womaniser who is going through a long-term mid-life crisis.  All his wives seem to look like Caitlin Jenner.  He thinks money can buy anything except for a good hairstyle.  Donald to my mind is arrogance personified.  And his followers don’t seem to be the sharpest pencils in the box either.  Seriously?  You’re going to vote for this guy?  Of course you are – I mean, look at the opposition……  you don’t have much of an option to begin with.  “Lesser of two evils, lesser of two evils, lesser of two evils”.   Two evils?  I guess that makes him evil then.  Why even vote for evil.

On the other hand we have the grotesque granny, who at the age of 60 something should be cooling off and graciously be entering retirement, instead she’s wheeling and dealing, lying through her teeth, exposing Donald yet conveniently forgetting that when her very own husband was President he behaved like a lounge lizard extraordinaire.   Hillary reminds me of a cold-blooded reptile.

Donald and Hillary represent the world we live in, this present evil world no doubt.

What stands out for me nowadays, what strikes me the most is the lack of integrity in people, their total lack of principles and the fact that they actually glory in being openly underhanded.  Behaving like a crime boss seems to be the in thing.  The more people under your control, the bigger the ego boost.  Imagine the massive power trip some are on.

What difference is it actually going to make in the big scheme of things?  One day when you’re gnashing your teeth in the Lake of Fire, is a wall between the USA and Mexico really going to be your top priority?   Or one day when you’re in the third heaven, are you going to look down and think to yourself, “mighty fine wall that, should’ve built it higher and longer to compete with the Great Wall of China”.

This world is crazy.  Never did I think that in my lifetime we’d be seeing “women” being honoured for becoming women – what courage?  Bruce Jenner is still a man any which way you mince it.

Never would I have thought that in my lifetime would same sex marriages become legal and be seen as acceptable and normal.  Yeah, seen as normal and acceptable by a totally sick society, that is.

If you’re old-fashioned in your line of thinking and behaviour – you’re perceived as a relic, old, senile, quaint and out of touch with reality.  Passe.

If the baby boomers are currently ruling the world and it’s bad………… wait until the next generation comes to the fore.

Hopefully I won’t be around to experience the total silliness of it all.




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