I am unable grasp the mentality

Otherwise known as the “chameleon effect”.

Where people change their beliefs and/or behavioural patterns to suit those they currently fellowship with.

I am of the opinion that their beliefs and/or behavrioual patterns never actually did change, that they just in fact found their niche.

After all, birds of a feather flock together.

All my life I’ve had certain principles I’ve adhered to, in that I do not change to suit any person out there.  Yet, I’ve come across so many of them throughout my life.  If the wind blows to the left, they lean to the left, if it blows to the right, then they lean to the right.  People without backbone.  Cannot handle opposition, have to be in with the majority of people irrespective of whether they are wrong.

The question I ask myself in this instance is :  Do these people have a conscience?  Flitting from one group to another trying to find ACCEPTANCE.

Does others’ acceptance of you really mean that much?   Are you that desperate that you need to vote for an UNSAVED man who you think has the ability and mental capacity to right the wrongs of this present evil world, and go against the grain of what Paul said, that things will only get worse?

I once came across a Mid-Acts Dispensationalist who reckoned at the time that if someone other than Obama was voted in, the world would temporarily become a better place (because of God’sgrace in allowing another candidate to win the election), before it got any worse.

Tell me, DO YOU BELIEVE YOUR BIBLE OR DON’T YOU?  After all, Paul said, “follow me”, he didn’t say be a respecter of persons or follow men.

Followers of the Apostle Paul – according to their own thoughts and feelings.  The cult of personality, still stuck in Pentecostal mode :  “love them, forgive them because bitterness is your own worst enemy.  You have the spirit of XYZ”.   At least my spirit is saved and I have the Spirit of God, Jesus Christ.

Why do people always gravitate towards the herd?   People who profess not to be part of the herd, yet look to the herd for solutions.

Saved people (I hope) who still see themselves as abject sinners, so they behave like heathens.

The lift doesn’t go all the way to the top floor.  Knuckleheads.   Politically correct knuckleheads whose motive is to impress the herd, who see God’s grace as everyone’s personal behaviour and summed up :  “Be kind to knuckleheads because they cannot help it they can’t think”.

Doesn’t anybody out there think anymore?  Or do you just echo what the previous person said, and the one standing next to you passes it onto the next person.





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