Refrain from taking knuckleheads too seriously – leave them to their own devices, after all, wasn’t it the Apostle Paul who said (paraphrased) that which one sows in THE FLESH, one will REAP IN THE FLESH.

Contrary to knucklehead beliefs – when they do conveniently believe we no longer sin, they believe that one can say and do in the flesh as one pleases and that as saved people, they are free from the consequences thereof.

Someone should enlighten knuckleheads about the law of cause and effect.

Heresy is a sin of the FLESH, and therefore what you sow in the FLESH, you will reap in the FLESH, not so?

I believe Facebook and social media to be a microcosm of the world.  One only needs to look at the knuckleheads on Facebook to realise that there aren’t many sound Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensationalists out there.   Most are still wallowing in Pentecostalism, being Baptists, trying to impress someone, behaving like maroons (as Dean used to say), and wanting to be rock ‘n roll stars.   Been there, done that, printed the T-Shirt.

It’s all about Love, love, love at the expense of sound Pauline truth.  Tragedy and irony of it all, these knuckleheads do not know what love actually is.


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